There are times when giving yourself a proverbial pat on the back is okay, right?  I mean, when you do a good job for a customer and they confirm it with a letter for the second quarter and third quarter in a row, telling the world about it is well worth the shameless plug.  To be honest we are truly shameless about plugging our quality, pricing, delivery, and customer service when it comes to rigid printed circuit boards and rigid flex products we custom fabricate.

To really be worthy, however, of a shameless plug, you have to earn it.  Well, we have done just that and just last month PCB Solutions received yet another perfect score from one of our customers who keeps a very close eye their supply chain.

We are pleased to announce the results from last quarter in the words of this customer:


1820 South Myrtle Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016, USA

Phone: (626) 303-5676 Fax: (626) 358-8048

An ISO 9001 Certified Company

August 2, 2012


PCB Solutions

8550 Barron Way, Suite 11A



Dear Valued Supplier:

Enclosed is a report summarizing your performance for the period of4-1-12through6-30-12. As you may know, we are now looking at performance in 4 categories, quality, delivery, customer service and cost. It is our objective to work in partnership with our suppliers to maximize performance in these areas. As part of our plan, we have established a performance matrix (copy attached) defining acceptable levels in each of these categories. In addition, you have the opportunity to achieve higher performance levels that will qualify you to be eligible as a preferred supplier. Miyachi Unitek Corporation is firmly committed to achieving and surpassing these performance levels through the use of open lines of communication, our commitment to each other as business partners and our mutual support and assistance when requested.

According to our internal records, your overall performance was 5. Your individual scores were as follows:

  • Quality                                   100 (1327/1327)
  • Delivery                                 100 (48/48)
  • Service                                   5
  • Purch Price Score                 5
  • Total $ Vol this Qtr              $XX,XXX.XX

Your overall performance over this past quarter has been excellent. Miyachi Unitek Corporation applauds your performance and wish to thank you for making our relationship a mutually profitable venture. Please continue to work with your assigned buyer as well as myself to maintain improve our already well functioning relationship.

Please feel free to call us at anytime to assist in any quality or supply chain related issue.



James Johnson

Supply Chain Manager

Performance Parameters

  1. On time delivery: Calculated as deliveries on-time/total deliveries received.
    • For less than 50 deliveries, Only 1 late delivery will constitute a grade of 3.
    • To avoid deliveries counted as late, you must communicate a change in delivery commitment date either within 5 business days of receipt of order or no less than 10 business days before the original delivery date.
  2. Quality – Adherence to Specification: Calculated as quantities accepted/total quantities received.
  • For <100 units received in a quarter, 1 defect will be deemed acceptable if it is not recurring.
  • A defect issue can be removed from a vendor’s record for the purposes of performance grading under the following condition
  1. The defect cannot be recurring
  2. The vendor has to demonstrate corrective action that has been approved by the MUC QA department. This corrective action will be documented on the Non Conformance Report copy on the purchasing vendor files. The defect will not be removed from our permanent controlled QA records.
  1. Purchase Price: Calculated as total variance $/ total dollars received
  2. Service: A grade of  1-5, 5 being the best, assigned by our purchasing team. In considering service performance, we consider flexibility, customer service, expertise, and commitment to solving problems.
  3. Performance percentages in categories 1-3 will be indexed to a scale from 0 to 5. An average of 3 from all 4 categories with a
    Quality score of no less than 3 is required for any suppler to be listed on our approved supplier listing.
  4. In order to qualify for Primary Supplier status a supplier must carry a rating average of 4 with a quality score of no less that 3 for 2 consecutive quarters. (Going forward, the label Primary Supplier will be synonymous with Supplier Partner which we have used over the past 15+ years).