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Edward Gaskin was a runner up in our fall 2018 Chuan Ai Lu Engstrom Memorial essay contest. Edward has a passion for electrical engineering and has a deep respect for higher education. In his essay below, Edward explains how having a strong STEM focus will benefit our nation as well as developing countries around the world. By focusing on science, technology, mathematics and engineering there can be many improvements and technological advancements in renewable energy, strong international trade, and transportation. Edward’s submission is included below.

I believe that STEM is the only way to push humanity forward both technologically, and physically. There are thousands of applications for the cutting-edge technologies which are just being released to the public. The new private space organizations like SpaceX and Blue Origin are making space travel commercial which will entice more competition in the space industry and will entice NASA and other governmental agencies to add more funding into their space programs leading to new discoveries and technological advances which will help all of humanity. With the outbreak of the world wars, many technological advances surfaced like the internet and the computer. The cold war pushed the US and many other countries into uncharted territories regarding weapons of mass destruction, and disease outbreaks lead to the advancement of modern medicine and protections. Each advancement came out from a need to be more advanced, but in the modern day there has been no major world conflicts that have disrupted our daily lives. Ultimately, to advance the industry there must be significant funding and support for new initiatives. Commercially, there must be a practical market for such technologies. Climate Change has been a major issue in recent years, but some government officials deny its existence. Some say this is because they are ignorant of the truth, maybe they ignore it, or maybe it is a financial issue. The mere fact is, if companies have to abide by some rules in one country and not in another then they will most likely move to the country with less rules if they are big enough. The highest grossing industries, for example, bring high profits and taxes into the country making it more attractive to the government to have those companies set up headquarters in their country. That is why the government will ignore potentially devasting situations because of the potential loss of money. Beyond laws, sometimes the government will offer subsidies to companies to stay in an area, or to offer specific utilities like PSE&G in the upper-mid east coast.

In the future, I want to open a business that primarily focuses on energy generation, storage, and distribution. It seems more practical that energy storage will be an outlet into the energy generation because of the high entry costs. Once my company is stable and making profits, I would want to try to get the government on my side offering subsidies for my company’s services which will help my company to expand into more areas within the US, and into different technologies. The energy business is enormous, and there are giant contenders competing every day to be the best. Most are in power generation with fossil fuels, but there is a select few experimenting with renewable energy which is the area I want to be in. There are so many sections within the renewable energy field that my company can get involved in such as: solar arrays, hydropower facilities, nuclear reactors, windmill farms, geothermal facilities, and more. Within renewable energy, there is a significant number of advances needed to make this form of energy more feasible than traditional fuels that have dangerous emissions. If a company can make renewable energy efficient enough, there would be no dispute of which to go with. Renewable energy is more affordable, clean, and accessible than tradition fuels. Many companies will join the market making massive advancements, the government will offer much more support, and the demand of such technologies will skyrocket.

The international market is much different than the American markets. It has different rules and many more players. To succeed in the international market, you must offer the best deals or be the best. One key to success within the international market is to get international governments on your side. If they support you, then you will flourish. For example, China loans money to countries internationally to build docks and ports all around the world. It is like a modern silk road. The idea is if they can have the biggest trade systems, then they will be able to boost their economy. In application to my company, if my company is contracted with countries like China and other European countries to build vast renewable energy facilities the company will flourish. Other avenues may also prove beneficial like selling some parts of our technologies to those countries.

Note: As Printed Circuit Board manufacturers, PCB Solutions fabricates all types of electronic equipment used in building a technology infrastructure. As a custom fabricated PCB distributor (SMOBC), our team specializes in all types of connectivity devices, which include but are not limited to: halogen free PCBs, aluminum and multilayer circuit boards. We are a PCB supplier that supports the entire spectrum of circuit board and connectivity technology.

I believe that renewable energy taking over the fuel market will lead to a surplus of funds. This surplus can be used to advance other fields like space travel, medical disease research, and more. It will bring the world out of the stone ages, and force everyone to make advancements in their respective fields. Electric cars and transportation will be the most common source of transportation reducing overall vehicle pollution, and the space age will begin. Elon Musk has the right idea. He brought electric cars front and center in the public’s eye, started a solar energy company, and is pushing towards space exploration. His vision is a future where humans are able to travel to distant planets, and to have colonies on different worlds. Space exploration will fundamentally lead to new advancements because of the resources available in space and by allowing scientists to study space and uncover the grand mysteries of physics. The space age is the next major age in history, but it has prerequisites that need to be completed like renewable energy, energy storage, and energy distribution.

PCB Solutions, works with companies similar to those described in the essay that focus on technological advancements whether it is in the defense, transportation, or clean energy industries. PCB Solutions has relationships with international businesses and keeps up with the most recent customs and logistics regulations. PCB Solutions has extensive experience with global business practices and uses that expertise in every international transaction. In addition, PCB Solutions uses U.S. based warehouses, has customs processing and clearance compliance, as well as frequent shipper for pre-clearance status.

Details about the scholarship and how to apply can be found at the Chuan Ai Lu Engstrom Memorial Scholarship page.