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Every year, PCB Solutions puts out countless flexible printed circuit boards to people all around the United States. People and companies choose us for a variety of reasons. First, of course, we offer fair PCB quotes. While some of our competitors nickel and dime people, our prices are always competitive. At the same time, we only offer the best components. We build our flexible printed circuit boards to last so you never have to worry about them dying before their time. We also have a fully stocked supply chain, which makes us an attractive choice if you want your circuit board sooner rather than later.

We are more than circuit board suppliers, though. We want to build a community of educated leaders, so we offer the annual Chuan Ai Lu Engstrom Memorial Scholarship. We love looking through the applications each year, but this year was even better than previous years. We received one exceptional application after the next. Unfortunately, we could only award one scholarship. Still, we do want to take some time away from providing PCB quotes to honor one of our favorite applicants.

Lisa Moravek has an interesting take on the global economy. Instead of going about business as usual, she thinks that treating others how she wants to be treated is the key to building a powerful global business marketplace. On top of that, she understands the importance of hiring people of different age groups, as each generation has something valuable to bring to the table.

This unique perspective might be what the world needs as it transitions into the global marketplace. There would be fewer misunderstandings and a place for everyone at the table. We hope that Lisa is able to turn her vision into a reality. It is one we would like to see on a larger scale. We know this type of attitude is always welcome among our team of circuit board suppliers, and we would love to see it go global.


How I Envision the Global Economy in the Future

Treating others the way that I like to be treated would be my focus if I had the capability to influence the global business marketplace. Citizens of the many nations are all human beings that have similar needs, goals, desires, and emotions. The long ago episode of The Andy Griffith Show, Barney Hosts a Summit Meeting (Ruben & Philips, 1968), is still relevant today. Aunt Bea hosted important leaders in her humble home. They accomplished much over cups of coffee in the clean kitchen during the night, due to the relaxed atmosphere.

The managerial and human relation positions that would need to be filled would be scrupulously selected. I would call references about their strengths of character. The utmost care must be taken to hire good matches for all positions. Employees must be able to be trusted implicitly when the corporation’s executive cannot be present. All who work for a company represent the complete entity, ultimately reflecting the leadership. Thorough training should be mandatory, so that each person has the confidence he or she needs to perform the tasks capably. The customers will feel secure in the business relationship and will be willing to pay more for the assurance of friendly communication and timely, quality merchandise or rendered services.

Recognizing achievements and contributions to a company is crucial. Employees will be inspired to further, loyal commitment by being valued and appreciated. Also, having key team players be residents of the participating countries would be invaluable. Warm-hearted linguistic specialists would help to avoid misunderstandings among the company’s global employees. Cultural preferences and manners must be studied and respected in order to benefit from all of the wisdom and knowledge that can be amassed rather than to Americanize others.

Various age groups must be incorporated. There are strengths in the different generations. The older employees have critical experience along with possible proprietary information that the younger ones need time to glean from them. The newer workers may have more zeal as well as revitalized ideas from their recent college instruction along with better technological skills. Generally speaking, people with college degrees have learned the self-discipline to be successful; since earning their degrees took diligence. However, those who may not have college education should not be dismissed lightly from the hiring process. They may have as much drive, possibly more than those with higher learning. They may have grown up in a sector from which they gleaned firsthand experience or are naturally talented.

How I envision the global economy in the future: continuing to see the world grow smaller. Satellites, cell phones, computers, et cetera, have made media meetings possible which are extremely economical; yet occasional in-person conferences are invaluable to working relationships. Just as we support other countries’ markets nearly every week when we buy clothing, coffee, and household items at our own stateside stores, the competition will continue to grow. My husband has had close relatives live in Australia and now Nova Scotia. I also keep in occasional contact with friends who live in Africa and Spain and kept in touch with a couple for 20 years while they lived in Guatemala. They, along with all of their neighbors, face their own daily duties just like I do.

When starting my own business, I would make sure that what I would be offering would be something in demand along with a unique niche of its own that would require a service, replacement parts or refills, or something consumable that would be purchased on a regular basis. I would meet with a reputable financial advisor that would be concerned with keeping me least indebted as possible. I would follow his or her advice as to how and from which institution to borrow and how to invest. Just like with my college tuition, I am using the smallest amount of available funds necessary and paying back as much as I can while applying for numerous scholarships. It is my goal to keep my interest paid and attempt to stay debt free throughout my scholastic years. I pay for printer ink from grocery money for the chapters that I need to print each week and am living at home rather than on campus, thanks to being married to my wonderful, hard-working husband.

I was home educated from sixth through twelfth grades after having attended a private academy from kindergarten through fifth grade. My parents gave their all to be sure that I received the best education possible. They were on the board of directors for my homeschool support group. My father spent hours several evenings a week working with me on math. I have, in turn, taught my children at home. I would like to honor my beloved dad by getting my degree.

Now my two oldest sons are working, along with learning a trade, during their junior and senior years while finishing their curricula. My two girls are following close behind. One of them desires to be a pharmacist and will be taking a test at college next spring to begin classes during her junior and senior years of high school. They are seeing the importance of the online pursuit of my Bachelor of Science in Human Services with Concentration in Family—Certificate Track Degree. This will make paying for their wedding receptions, gifts for future grandchildren, and retirement possible…along with simply being able to enjoy life.

I have been a piano instructor for years, and have retained twenty-five students at one time and could have had more if I had more availability. One of my pupils won second place in a large regional competition. It was not because I was the most capable teacher. Many were more qualified than I. I have no degree in music but took lessons faithfully from second through twelfth grades, practicing for hours each day, and began teaching beginners when I was

fourteen. However, keeping my word, being cheerful and approachable, and going the extra mile like awarding incentives and offering recitals meant a lot to my students and their parents.

I believe that my work ethic and life experiences have prepared me for the new field that I am branching into. My husband and I have been foster parents for two years and have had seven children come through our home. I am ready to help others at work but then enjoy piano as a hobby rather than an income. I have also had two books published. I wrote an autobiography for friends called Joy in the Mourning by Jeff and Joye Ballard, as well as my own novel Serena’s Serenity, 2010.

Someday, when I am not as busy, I would enjoy participating in an orchestral society and resume daily practicing which is a joy and love for me. Ultimately, I will have time to spend with my husband without facing financial stressors and being concerned about his health from his working such long hours. We enjoy hiking as a family, and I can see us pursuing more of those treks and visiting places like Montana and Alaska and enjoying tennis matches…though we will need much work in that area!


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