We continue on with our saga of exposing the vast number of printed circuit board suppliers.  It comes as no surprise that each and every month we continue to get more and more BRAND NEW inquiries from Asian suppliers wanting to do business with our firm. Let me just say this, again, that you play Russian Roulette with your product being manufactured overseas by an unknown supplier. There are so many suppliers in Southeast China it would blow your mind how many have no idea how to handle an American customer.  There are so many suppliers NOT suited to handle American quality and once you deal with them for a couple months you will know why.

Here are some of the pitfalls one would could find with a supplier they don’t properly qualify, visit and hold accountable:

  • PCB manufacturer has no Resale License – some suppliers are not set up to export – that VAST majority, in fact.  There are endless problems with a supplier that can’t export legally – from delays to accounting issues
  • PCB supplier uses their brother’s shoe business to export your custom fabricated electronics – yes, we have seen it. A company we met at a trade show could not give us their resale information and we finally found out that they were proposing to use the owner’s brother’s export license to ship product legally or illegally depending on how you view it.
  • Printed circuit board supplier’s quality doesn’t meet American standards – when you have a Chinese supplier that has been working aggressively in the Chinese market, they are clueless on what it takes to handle quality for an American product…
  • Custom Fabricator’s reliability – so many things count on a supplier to be reliable and we have the knowledge and keys of knowing what to look for
  • PCB Manufacturing and the management team – you have to shake hands with the people you give the business too. They need understand the relationship and know you are a person of integrity. You too need to look them in the eyes and tell them what you expect of them.

These and many other reasons are why you should not trust your product to slow response times and potentially slow recovery of a problematic shipment. Here are a few examples of the many suppliers we get calling on us each and every day promising the world as your new supplier:

Dear James;

Good Days for you. This is Sam from SK, We are the Chinese PCB manufacturer with AS9100 (Aerospace PCB) & TS16949 (Automotive PCB) certificates and looking forward to provide the Best Solutions and Best Services & Cost-Competitive for your product.  Could you please help to forward this mail to the purchasing manager? Thanks in advance.

Senk is a leading worldwide provider of simple PCB to complex multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCBs).  We do PCBs of Rigid PCB (2~50L), FPC (1~8L) and Rigid-flex (2~28L) .

We supply our PCB to the various market, such as Audio, VTR, Video, digital Camera, Telecommunication, Computer, Automobile dashboards. Multi-layer Printed Circuit Board of Communications and Computer Accessories, RAM Module P.C.B., Mother Board for Computer & Industrial Computer, Interface Cards, CPU Cards, Network Cards, Modem Cards & Control Cards.

Senk has the ability globally to support the customer’s full product life cycle from quick-turn around PCBs for new product introduction to high-volume, low-cost fabrication of complex boards (Quick-turn as fast as 24 hours, World-class engineering commitment and support).

Examples of key performance are:

·  A focus on all types of quick-turn, Quick-turn as fast as 24 hours,

·  Quick-turn and seamless transition to volume production

·  Heavy-copper products up to 12 oz. (400 µm)

·  Heatsinks (aluminum & copper) and thermal management solutions (TMS)

·  RF/high-performance materials

·  Fully environmentally tested box builds for the transportation industry

·  High mix, medium to high volume, advanced technology printed circuit boards with laser micro vias, stacked vias, via-in-pad and heavy copper applications

·  No MOQ  (minimum order quantity) for flexible circuit (FPC) & Rigid-flex PCB

Cost Reduction: To maintain our customers’ competitive in the marketplace. Senk in an ongoing effort to reduce the cost of the product, and to continuously explore and offer cost-saving options and ideas.

Time-Critical Support Senk has the core capabilities necessary to consistently meet challenges faced by our diverse customer base on a daily basis.

Business Philosophy: Always placed customer satisfaction as its top priority. We are constantly working on improving production procedures, productivity, production flexibility, and manufacturing efficiency.

We are always going the way called as “Partner”

For more information, please visit our Website:  and contact us by phone or E-mail.

Thanks for your kind attention and looking forward to receiving RFQs/Enquiries from you soon, we will provide the quotation for you within 24 hours.

Dear Valued Customer:

Good Day!

Glad to hear that you’re on the market for Printed Circuit Board (PCB).This is Amy from Shenzhen Sheng Electronics & Technology Co.,Ltd in China. We specialized in Prototype & Small –Volume PCB for 10 years.  With high quality and most competitive price. We get the ISOUL quality certification.

Technology Capability

We process the pcb material as following:

High TG (tg150, tg170, tg180, tg200)   High CTI  (CTI>600v),    High copper (12oz)

FR4, Rogers, Taconic, Teflon, Arlon,  HDF, CEM-1,CEM-3,  Alu

Blind & Buried hole, countersink hole, castle hole(half hole), hole-in-pad, plugged by epoxy.  Blue peelable(Peter:SD2955), Carbon soldermask

Layer count: 1—40(≥30 layers needs Review)

Surface Treatment: Immersion Gold, Hard Gold、OSP、Immersion Tin/Silver、HASL、ENIG、Tin Lead/lead Free、Flash Gold

Plated Through Hole: Min 0.15mm,  NON-Plated Through Hole: Min 0.2mm

Max finished size: 1200*600mm

The min gap/trace: 3mil/3mil

Rate of the first passed products:>95%

Rate of delivery on time:>95%

Competitive Price  

We are the factory, most PCB suppliers in China are only trading companies, so we can supply the lower price and High quality PCBs. The Price We offered is lower 10%~20% of the market price at the same quality level.

High Quality 

  • First of all, the PCB material we used is Top-grade ,The Copper Clad Clamilate supplier : ITEQShengyiKB.Plating Chemicals is from Rohm & Haas. Our Solder Mask supplier is TaiyoKuangshun.
  • Secondly, We use the advanced machinery and equipment :High Precision Flying Probe TesterAOI Parallel Exposure MachineAuto through hole plating lineOven.
  • Third, We have 42 experienced engineer, Over 200 staff members,Every employee through rigorous training, with a skilled operator skills.
  • Furthermore, We execute strict international standards: IPC Class 2,The entire production process to shipping 6 times Quality Checks,Including material inspection, production line employees self-inspection, middle QC,FQC and so on.All of those guaranteed our product’s High Quality and High Precision.

Quick-Turn Delivery

DS    24 Hours
    36 Hours
    36 Hours
    48 Hours
10L 48 Hours

24 hours Service 

XYZ PCB will reply Customer’s any enquiry within 1 hours. 24 hours technique support , 24 hours Engineering Gerber files treatment. Experienced impedance designer. More than 180 type of PCB can be worked out every day.We provide the best service, Value each client’s needs, especially your company,  We will provide priority service.

Diverse Payment 

Telegraphic transfer (T/T), Paypal, Western Union.

Please contact me if any questions. Sincerely hope to find a way to cooperate with your esteemed company!

My name is Tina and I have contacted you on behalf of TOP PCB Limited, an ISO9001:2008 Certified Company.

Established in 1999, TOP HAT FANCY CAT PCB Limited has provided a reliable source for Printed Circuit Boards to customers throughout the world. Please review the information below and advise how we may provide excellent service.

1. Products range-single, double side, multi-layer PCB, flexible PCB and MCPCB.

2. Our factory produce 300,000pcsper month.

3. We already have the certificate ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and ROHS compliant

4. We specialize in the manufacturer of rigid-flexible PCB, impedance control PCB, laser hole,, aluminum PCB, Ceramic PCB,PCBA

5 Our highly reliable German manufacturing equipment provides the customer advantages such as speedy delivery, competitive pricing and an overall high rate of customer satisfaction.

6. If you are looking for custom parts, TOP PCB Unlimited offers in as little as 24hours turn-around time.

2 layer samples ≤0.2sq.m USD85/type 5-6 wording days
4 layer samples ≤0.1sq.m USD160/type 7-8 wording days
2L mass-production ≥5sq.m USD77/sq.m 7-9 wording days
4L mass-production ≥5sq.m USD134/sq.m 8-11 wording days

The above quotation is excluding any freight charge and bank charge ,and prototype PCB size less than 200*200mm.

Maybe you are not in charge of purchasing. But as you know, the raw material of low price makes your product more competitive in the market. That means it will make your sell much easier. Please kindly forward this email to the manager of purchase. Or if you would like to, please advise the email of your purchase.