Low Pressure Over Molding Manufacturing


Low Pressure Over Molding

PCB Solutions Partners with high quality regular and low pressure over molding manufacturers that are seasoned veterans for fabrication of any type of molded part.

We partner with contract manufacturers offering Electronics Manufacturing Services. We offer superior solutions for “Molded-on Protection” of Circuit Boards, Sensors and Connectors – with the added benefit of great product design.

This process also offers a gentle encapsulation process with adhesive molding compounds to achieve the ultimate protection and seal.

Low Pressure Overmold

PCB Solutions’ Manufacturing partners provide low pressure injection molding design, manufacturing and production services using the superior Mold-Man™ Machines Line of Equipment. PCB Solutions’ partners are the right choice for low pressure injection molding when you choose to have it done professionally.

Over Molding Manufacturing

  • Offers specialized contract manufacturing services
  • Specializes in Low Pressure Molding
  • Production from concept to production
  • Offers turnkey support of your products

Let Us

  • Protect your electronics
  • Mold your grommets and connectors
  • Fabricate the best product at the best price

PCB Solutions offers the ultimate experience and expertise in over molding processes. This helps make electronic parts and components easy to use, easy to hold, more aerodynamic and more aesthetically pleasing. As leading over molding manufacturers, we realize the importance of precise capabilities in creating mold designs that serve your needs. We work with our clients to create the ideal molds, in sizes and colors they need. Order our over molding services today.

Over Mold Prototyping

Every main line production uses the constant process of prototyping which can be extremely stressful. Building a prototype determines all modifications that need to be made before a product is used little by little until the vision and the product match. With a prototype mold we can produce several parts that can be used for testing at a competitive rate and in quick turns.

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