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PCB Solutions is capable of offering our clients almost every type of PCB a customer can request, even down to 1 mil trace and space in special circumstances. We have the ability to fabricate just about any type prototype your engineering team can design. We have the experience and equipment to fabricate, at production levels, nearly all types of standard PCBs with mixed technology.

Our engineering and production team has experience with all types of PCBs including, but not limited to:

For over 20 years, our team has been searching out the best-in-class manufacturers to partner with who provide the best possible pricing, quality and delivery the electronics market has to offer. By leveraging the distribution model our team has the ability to align each manufacturing project with the best factory for price, technology and delivery.

Each of our factory partners has been with PCB Solutions for over 10 years and in most cases up to 15 years. With the volume of work we bring to our partner factories, we receive preferential treatment. Our management team has personally visited all of the manufacturing facilities, met the owners and managers, and performed quality audits.

Because our team works through the process of qualifying a factory, our customers do not need to. We keep track of their technology roadmap, ongoing production capacity, payment terms, and on time delivery performance. We review their quality manual, UL certification, ISO, Aerospace and Military requirements. There are few companies like PCB Solutions that can offer such a diverse range of production capabilities, price and overall manufacturing technology.

As our team has grown over the years in this electronics business, we have expanded and diversified our product / service offerings. We have a team of engineers, materials managers, and operations staff to serve our customers. We offer design, layout, testing, and engineering consulting from inception to production. We have multiple case studies of updating our customers designs by replacing expensive and hard to source components for fresh, new and lower cost components.

We are also able to assist our customer with custom wire harnesses, cable assemblies, and connector manufacturing sourced either in the USA or offshore depending on the lead time and project requirements.

Once we have designed or reengineered a customer’s product, we have the internal resources to source the PCB (of course, we are a PCB company!), source the components, assembly the PCB to IPC specifications, test the product and ship to the customer with very tight lead times. In some cases, customers have sent product back to us for repair work.

We have done this type of work for companies like Tesla, Dupont, Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, Clean Rooms International, RPI University, Chilipepper, Lincoln Electric, Emerson, Jabil, Blendtec, DigEcor, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army, Tactical Lighting and so on and so forth.

Our management team has also built out a stocking program allowing our customers to leverage a first in first out inventory systems. With long term and unique customers, we have programs where we stock product at their facility and pull from that inventory per a blanket / scheduled PO. This allows our customers to take advantage of offshore pricing, U.S. payment terms and enjoy improved cash flow as our team manages the inventory.

If supplying PCBs, assembling and stocking the inventory wasn’t enough, we also do project management for full box build requirements. Our engineering, materials and assembly teams source all the products listed on the customer’s Bill of Materials (BOM), Fabrication drawing and Gerber files to complete a finished product. We don’t leave out testing finished goods either – in fact, we require all finished goods to be tested in-house according to IPC Standards and the customer’s test requirements.

Looking for a contract manufacturer to help your team with delivering a quality product, we can help. Send us a quote via the website, give us a call or send an email…we will be happy to help your team every step of the way in electronics manufacturing process.

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