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PCB Solutions provides high-quality printed circuit board manufacturing to meet a variety of needs in the dynamic electronics industry. We provide competitive solutions for our customers and have established domestic and off-shore relationships with several high-quality and reliable fabricators. We support prototyping to high-volume production as well as basic to complex multilayer PCBs. You can also take advantage of our stocking programs and many other value added services.

PCB Solutions is an LLC based in Reno, Nevada. We have been distributing printed circuit boards and other custom fabricated services for years, and, as a distributor, we act as a sales arm for our suppliers and provide dedicated support for our domestic customers. Over the years, we have built a reputation for our flagship product, printed circuit board fabrication, but we also source other enclosures, connectors and parts for the electronics industry.

We understand that our clients require and expect competitive pricing, value added services, and custom fabricated products without the hassle of international payments, customs, brokerage charges, international shipping issues, supplier quality audits, and anything else that can cause problems.

We strive to maintain the highest standards of quality, reliability, on-time delivery, and outstanding customer service. All our customer requested incoming inspection and quality details are handled by long-term veterans in the industry to ensure you receive consistent results on all your orders.

At PCB Solutions we have brought together more than 50 years of custom fabrication services, and our mission is to continually provide unparalleled support for our customers in a demanding industry. Please take a look at our inquiry page for a quote on your next PCB order, or contact us today for your custom inquiry.

Gregory P. Engstrom, one of PCB Solutions’ co-founders, has served as CEO throughout the company’s history. James Brown, the other co-founder, has served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing since its inception.

Engstrom fine tuned his plans for a custom fabricated distribution company in the late 1990s while running his first rep firm company, Solutions Contract Manufacturing. He met Brown while doing business together at Western Electronics, based in Boise, Idaho. Brown worked in sales and marketing and oversaw the operations of the Global PCB Distribution arm of the small CM. Engstrom was operating his business in California and drove sales to Brown, and together they gained respect for each other’s skills over a two-year period. Once the small CM chose to eliminate the distribution arm of the business, the two mutually agreed to push the business forward on their own.

Engstrom provided a small initial capital loan ($60,000) for inventory and operation capital and the business was running by February 2002. As the business began to see success it was incorporated in October of 2002. The corporation paid back the loan within one year and has remained debt free ever since.

The founders have exercised extensive control over the company’s expenses, which has contributed greatly to its success. The company has implemented a range of cost saving measures to push its sales forward and reach out and continually source better suppliers for their customers. Originally, the company sourced from Taiwanese suppliers, but PCB Solutions has since expanded into China to further reduce costs and expand its technological capabilities.

Important Dates

  • June 1999, Brown takes over the International Distribution division of Western Electronics in Boise Idaho.
  • October 1999, Engstrom officially becomes an independent sales rep for Western Electronics. Brown oversees his accounts and the operations of distribution for corporate customers.
  • January 2002, Western Electronics decides to eliminate the Distribution division and Engstrom negotiates the purchase of its inventory.
  • February 2002, Business as an independent company under the S-corp, Solutions Contract Manufacturing, begins.
  • October 2002, PCB Solutions, LLC is incorporated and the business is moved under its umbrella of operations.
  • August 2003, The company website is launched.
  • May 2003, PCB Solutions purchases and implements Master Solutions MRP system as revenue and inventory continues to increase.
  • April 2005, Engstrom makes his first visit to Hong Kong / China to develop new supplier relationships.
  • October 2006, PCB Solutions adds two new suppliers based in China to the distribution model. One supplier for low, simple technology ; a second for high technology, low volume, high mix printed circuit boards
  • January 2007, Partnership is formed with HR and payroll specialist ADP to manage those activities.
  • June 2007, PCB Solutions begins supplying rigid flex and flex circuits. Suppliers are all Chinese based and pass stringent quality surveys.
  • January 2008, A new version of the website is launched which includes additional product lines: Injections Molding and Sheet Metal.
  • November 2008, PCB Solutions adds ITAR Military and Commercial PCB supplier to produce high volume PCBs at low costs.
  • February 2009, PCB Solutions releases its latest Line Card for marketing and sales.
  • June 2009, PCB Solutions re-launches its revised website designed for stronger Search Engine Optimization.
  • August 2009, PCB Solutions’ blog is started with updates tracking the PCB market, company news, the Tech Zone and technology tips.
  • April 2010, The company shifts from the previous freight forwarding company to UPS SCS which resulted in improved service and lower inbound freight forwarding costs.
  • June 2010, PCB Solutions begins pursuit of Aluminum Based PCBs.
  • July 2010, Aggressive marketing strategy implemented to pursue aluminum based PCB customers. New and current suppliers lined up for implementation.
  • August 2010, PCB Solutions signs agreement with a connector and wire harness supplier based in Freemont, CA. PCB Solutions becomes an authorized reseller of their connectors and wire harnesses.
  • 2011-2013, PCB Solutions sees continued growth in all areas of business, but the best of that growth lies in the flex products. Strong factory support has won opportunity with the likes of Jabil, Intel, Google, etc.

PCB Solutions’ flagship product, printed circuit boards, remains the company’s strongest revenue and profit center. This was the original product that launched the company and the product line it uses to develop its Custom Fabricated Distribution model.

Most of the PCBs were originally standard 2-6 layer construction and were built for the commercial market. Eventually, PCB Solutions moved into more complex and higher-volume orders by developing its supplier base in China. Now the company can provide 22-layer PCBs with blind and buried vias to extremely high-volume, low-tech orders. PCB Solutions now a range of circuit boards with a variety of capabilities.

PCB Solutions currently has three locations.

  • Reno, NV – This is the location of the warehouse where receiving, inspection, shipping and general business operations and functions are conducted. This location houses the Office Manager, Shipping Clerk, and Quality Manager.
  • Reno, NV (Sales Office) – Engstrom heads this sales office which covers most of the western United States.
  • Lehi, UT – Brown operates this sales office to cover most of the Pacific North West, Utah, and East Coast.

At PCB Solutions we are committed to providing the best customer support and highest quality products to make sure you get the results you need at a price that fits in your budget. We offer a distinct pricing advantage, material management, and more services that can help streamline the entire process.

Pricing Advantage

  • Low volume, high mix solutions
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • EAU/Blanket purchase order pricing
  • Off-shore pricing
  • U.S. based payment terms
  • No minimum lot charges

Material Management

  • Sophisticated MRP and accounting system
  • First In-First Out inventory management
  • Date code tracking
  • Document control for certificates of conformance
  • Environmentally controlled warehouse
  • PCB production

Product/Package Labeling

  • Customer specific labeling
  • Bar code labeling
  • Specific packaging requirements available

Customs & Logistics

  • U.S. based warehouse
  • Strategic location near port and airport
  • Customs processing and clearance
  • U.S Customs bond for importing
  • Customs compliance
  • Frequent shipper for pre-cleared status
  • Payment to U.S. based company

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