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PCB Solutions

PCB Solutions is a printed circuit board manufacturer providing printed circuit boards, assemblies, connectivity solutions and enclosures for the dynamic electronics industry.

We manufacture rigid PCBs, flex PCBs, semi flex PCBs, and rigid flex PCBs, PCB Assemblies / SMT in addition to injection molding, wire harnesses and custom cabling. We support domestic and off-shore prototyping and low, medium and high volume production. We cover the entire spectrum of electronic circuit board fabrication and custom connectivity systems from the very basic to the most complex multilayer circuit boards and surface mount assemblies.

Pricing Advantage

  • Low volume, high mix solutions
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • EAU/Blanket purchase order pricing
  • Off-shore pricing
  • U.S. based payment terms
  • No minimum lot charges

We are dedicated to providing the highest levels of quality you would expect for your electronic products, which is why we go to great lengths to consistently deliver quality assemblies. Our supply chain is well equipped and ready to handle most any type of project. Our entire supply chain is 100% UL Certified and 100% ISO registered.

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Material Management

Material Management is our business. We are a printed circuit board manufacturer that can manage material consistently and proficiently.

We have invested a great deal of time and effort into our system that manages product for all types of customers. This makes is possible for our clients to take advantage of the much more aggressive pricing structure by ordering larger quantities while still keeping their product off the books until it is absolutely necessary.

We Ship On-Demand or by Schedule

Our MRP and accounting system allows us to keep a close eye on when product needs to ship so it is early or on-time based on a PO delivery date. In addition, if you have a pull-in on your order, we can accommodate and ship the same day as requested. A First-In, First-Out Inventory Management does apply to PCBs as well, including date codes and delivery requirements. We can keep track of date codes to ensure you are receiving product that is built first and delivered according to your schedule, and we can handle orders scheduled from 2-3 months up to 1 year or more or as necessary.

Attention to Detail

Certificates of Conformance are always provided with every shipment, and other document controls are also used to make sure products meet the necessary specifications. Our team always inspects incoming shipments to make sure the product labeling, documentation and other details are accurate.

We have secured an environmentally controlled warehouse by paying close attention to all the details. We want to keep your circuit boards safe from the elements. If needed, custom labeling for your product is available.

Let Us Handle Customs and Logistics

No one wants to deal with customs any more than they have to, and we make the entire process much easier. As part of the service, we handle all the customs and logistics so you don’t have to.

As one of the leading printed circuit board suppliers, we are dedicated to PCB prototype manufacturing and assembly solutions, providing our customers with quality, consistency and a wide range of products.

We offer a range of specialized PCB manufacturing solutions. We also provide advanced PCB solutions and exclusive circuit board fabrication services with our patented software, latent tools and expert technicians and engineers at hand.

Despite being a top rated printed circuit board manufacturer, we continue to provide our clientele with excellent, hands-on customer service for each and every order.

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