This specialty printed circuit board just shipped to our customer located in Michigan. As a worldwide leader of atmospheric sensors and radiosondes, they turn to PCB Solutions for specialized PCBs that must meet tough standards. Many suppliers are not able to meet the .0128” -0.001/+0.003” overall thickness, in addition to being competitive on pricing. PCB Solutions has completed the first 20 pcs of this tough to make board.

A key point about this product, the customer had multiple manufacturing suppliers that were disqualified because they failed to meet the specifications and tolerances. The customer had many no-bids before finding PCB Solutions as a supplier.

Our team is now ready to move on the production volume. Here are the specifications for this order:

Layer Count: 2

Surface Finish: ENIG 2u” Au Minimum

Material: FR-4 Tg170

Overall Thickness: .325mm / .0128” -0.001/+0.003”

Finished Copper Weight: 1oz

Solder Mask Color: White

Outline Tolerance: +/- .15mm

10-Up Panel / Array

IPC 6013 Class II / IPC 600 Class II

Quote: 20 pcs in 10 working day turn and 300 pcs in 15 working day turn. The customer received the working Gerbers 1 day after the order was placed for a smooth production process.

PCB Solutions manages all the details from quality surveys, factory inspections, outgoing reports, inbound shipping and freight, customs / duties, etc.