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There is no end in sight for the complicated nature of importing or exporting. In the current state of affairs, the laws and regulations for international business become more and more complex with each month. Venturing into the unknown world of international business comes with a lot of risk and a high level of attention to detail when it comes to managing relationships with U.S. Customs.

Our team offers the following services to help with your importing needs:

  • U.S. based warehouse
  • U.S based payment terms (no prepayment to offshore companies) 
  • No wire transfer fees
  • Customs processing and clearance
  • Direct customs ACH processing for quicker, lower cost clearing 
  • Known shipper – Importer of Record for more reliable clearing 
  • Volume shipping rates 
  • U.S Customs bond for importing 
  • Customs compliance
  • Frequent shipper for pre-cleared status
  • Tariff & Duty management 
  • Tariff Exemption filing and follow up 
  • HTS Classification search and assignment 
  • Proper HTS codes for shipping product
  • Brokerage management & relationships for insider assistance on clearing customs
  • Strong relationships with suppliers for clearing home country customs 
  • Strong relationships with all the major parcel, air, and ocean carriers for correct and quick customs clearing

Having a team to help you with moving product internationally is essential. The time it takes to handle the logistics of customs could be unnecessarily costly to a company not knowing how to properly clear inbound shipments. In addition, if the paperwork is not properly completed, extra duties and tariff could be applied causing escalated expenses. 

Tariffs seem to be here to stay. However, knowing the correct exemption codes can help you avoid tariffs that do not need to be paid. Our team’s support can help your company navigate the complex nature of dealing with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol to safely land your product on your dock at the lowest cost.

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