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Resources for Electronic Assemblies and Connections

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

With 22 years of custom fabrication and project management experience, PCB Solutions has developed a solid supply chain experience for Printed Circuit Assemblies. If our internal team cannot handle your prototype, small to medium volume SMT assemblies, we fortified partnerships to help with virtually any type of assembly.

We supplier the production of standard Class II commercial grade assemblies through aerospace NPI and military class work. We support or can partner with any type of custom manufacturing need as a qualified supply chain team.

We have supported PCBA customers like Emerson, Tesla, Blendtec, Intel, Lincoln Electric and many others with quick turn, low production box builds and SMT assemblies. We have also supported some of these customers with high volume, low mix assembly. We have built or assembled in Mexico, China and here in the USA – all depending on the needs, timelines and pricing targets of our customers.

If you have an electronic assembly requirements, email quotes@pcb-solutions.com for more information. We assit with consignment, partital turnkey, and full turnkey projects.

Wire Harnesses

With manufacturing in China, Mexico and the USA, there isn’t an assembly we can’t handle. We have the capability to make our own wiring from scratch all the way up to finished products and box builds. If we can’t handle your wire harness assmebly project internally, we have many manufacturing partners we can turn to for pricing and lead time research. We assit with consignment, partial turnkey, and full turnkey projects.

Wire harnesses have been a part of our line card for over 10 years. We have produced many complex wire harnesses for customers like Northrup Grumman, Tesla, and Lincolon Electric. Quality of our assemblies are beyond six sigma requirements. Pricing and lead time are consistently one of our winning advantages. Give us a chance to compete with your next wire harness project.

Cable Assemblies

Complimenting wire harnesses is our cable assembly division. With a huge breadth and depth of skill in this area, we can do just about any type of cable assembly that is accompanied with a good fabrication drawing. Our capabilities range from Bulk Cable, Connectors and Overmolds to Apple Cables, Audio and Video Cables, Battery Cables, Custom Made Cables, RF Antenna Cables, et cetera.

Raw Cables

Raw cable cability is a unique line in any supply chain. The ability to create your own unique wire thread or raw cable is a distinct advantage over your competition. Finding a high quality supplier that can manufacture a unique raw cable takes years of searching for right supplier who knows the engineering needs of a product and the ability to source the perfect materials for the desired functionality. While there are many great wire harness and cable manufacturers in today’s supply chain, only a select few have the ability to create their own distinct raw cable with distinct characteristics. Check our raw cable page or send us an email quotes@pcb-solutions.com to learn more.

Connector Assembly Manufacturing

PCB Solutions offers custom designs and tooling services for connector assembly manufacturing including Bulk Cable, Connectors and Overmolds.

Low Pressure Over Molding

Domestic USA, Offshore and Mexico Low Pressure Over molding capabilities are available through PCB Solutions’ supply chain. Contact us to discuss your next low pressure over molding project. We can help with design, engineering, mold making, production and project management of any low-pressure over molding project. We assist with consignment, partial turnkey, and full turnkey projects.

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