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Production Capabilities

  • SS, DS – Multilayer
  • Low – High QTY
  • 7-10 Day Lead Times
  • 1mil / Laser Drilling
Flex PCB

Features and Specifications

Below are industry leading specifications for these complex flex and rigid flex printed circuit boards – which very few flexible pcb manufacturers in the world can produce at our aggressive prices and lead times.

  • Sizes 1 layer-20 layers
  • Sizes up to 20″ x 24″
  • Base PI material in .0005, .001, and .002″
  • PI Coverlay film in .0005, .001, and .002″
  • Adhesiveless & adhesive based stack-ups.
  • Min. line width/spacing for inner layer: 3.5/3.5 mil
  • Min. hole size: 8 mil
  • Blind and buried vias
  • Aspect ratio of 10:1
  • Eco-Bond available
  • PI or FR4 stiffeners
  • Laser trimming
  • Impedance control
  • IPC 6013 Class 2/Class 3
  • IPC-A-600 inspection standards
  • IPC-TM-650, GB/T4677-2002 test standards
  • RoHS Compliance
  • Design consultation available
Single Layer Flex Printed Circuit Board

We can fulfill flex PCB orders of any size – projects large or small.

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We have partners with expert engineering support and cutting-edge production capabilities, allowing us to meet your highest IPC standards and specifications.

Here at PCB Solutions, we offer high-quality, quick turn flex printed circuit boards manufacturing services. As highly-specialized flex PCB suppliers, we provide you with expertise required for a quick turnaround time that honors vital delivery deadlines.

PCB Solutions has in-house design, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities to take your printed circuit boards from concept to production. Our highly experienced personnel work with your challenges and create products that satisfy your technological needs.

Additionally, we also offer tool design services, mold making services, sheet metal and cable assemblies among a range of other engineering and manufacturing solutions.

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Flexible PCB

Choose Your Flex Circuit Board Type

As Flex PCB suppliers we know As Flex PCB suppliers we know each project requires a unique solution:

  • Single-Sided – Boards with a polyimide cover film laminated to the copper to form an FPC that can only be accessed from one side. This conductive layer can be bonded between insulating covers or completely exposed on one side. This application will not have any plated through holes.
  • Double-Sided – This circuit board has a double-layer conductor and it is made with a cover layer of preservative on each side. The PI coated copper board can be etched on two sides to allow access from either side, and may include plated through holes or vias.
  • Multi-Layer – Several single-sided PI-coated copper boards are pressed together with pressure-sensitive adhesive, forming a circuit board with a multi-layer structure and a high pliability.
  • Rigid Flex Circuit Boards – A multi-circuit board that makes use of flex PBC’s high pliability and rigid board’s structural capabilities.

Additional Specs

Normal Stack-Up Material
Conductive MaterialsInsulating Materials
CCLBase CarrierBonding Material
ItemThicknessCopper TypeItemThicknessItemThicknessBonding Method
Bare Copper0.5/1/1+OZRA/ED/////
Single Sided0.33 / 0.5 / 1 / 1+ OZRA/EDPI/PET0.5 / 1 / 2 / 2+MilEpoxy / Acry lic0.5 / 1 / 1+MilThermo-cure / PSA
Double-Sided0.33 / 0.5 / 1 / 1+ OZRA/EDPI/PET0.5 / 1 / 2 / 2+MilEpoxy / Acry lic0.5 / 1 / 1+MilThermo-cure / PSA
Abnormal Stack-up Material
Conductive MaterialsInsulating Materials
Base CarrierBonding Material
ItemThicknessTypeItemThicknessItemThicknessBonding Method
Aluminum1 Mil / SpecifieFoilTeflon1 / 2 / 2+ MilPE / Fibered BS1/1+ MilThermo-cure
Inconel1 Mil / SpecifieFoilFR4-Cloth1 / 2 / 2+ Mil
HPM965 Alloy1 Mil / SpecifieFoil
Kovar Alloy1 Mil / SpecifieFoil
Final Finishing
MethodThickness Can Be Matched
Emersion Nickel/Gold Au: 1.5~2.5 u"; Ni: 80~200u"; Max Au: 4u" (Not Recommended)
Emersion Nickel/Palladium/GoldAu: 2.0~4.0 u"; Pd: 30~60u" Ni: 100~200u";
Max Au: 5u" (Not Recommended)
Emersion SilverAg: 4~15u" Max Ag: 20u" (Not Recommended)
Emersion TinSn: 15~25u" Max Sn: 4u" (Not Recommended)
Plating Hard
Au: 20~100 u"; Ni: 100~200 u"; Or Per Customer's Requirement
Plating Solf Wire
Bonding Gold
Au: 20~100 u"; Ni: 100~200 u"; Or Per Customer's Requirement
Plating TinSN: 80~150 u"; Max Sn: 200u" (Not Recommended)
Plating Pure Nickel Ni: 100~300 u"; Or Per Customer's
Pb-Free HASLSn: 5~20 um (0.3mm Via Hole Opened)
Pb-Contained HASLSn/Pb: 5~20 um (0.3mm Via Hole Opened)
OSP 8~16 u"
Ink Relevancy
Solder Mask Ink SelectLetter Ink
ColorBrandCure ModeColorBrandCure Mode
GreenTaiyo / Rogers / Ronda / etc.Thermo / UVWhite / BlackTaiyo / Rogers / Ronda / etc.Thermo / UV
OrangeTaiyo / Rogers / Ronda / etc.Thermo / UVCustomer SpecifiedHunt Per RequirementPer Spec.
AmberTaiyo / Rogers / Ronda / etc.Thermo / UVStamp Ink
BlackTaiyo / Rogers / Ronda / etc.Thermo / UVBlack / Blue / Red / Etc.Taiyo / Rogers / Ronda / etc.Quick Self-Drying
WhiteTaiyo / Rogers / Ronda / etc.Thermo / UVPhoto Image Ink
Customer SpecifiedHunt Per RequirementPer Spec.BlueTaiyo / Rogers / Ronda / etc.Thermo & UV
Hole RelevancyCopper Plating and Relevancy
Hole Size (mm)Achieving MethodVia TypePlating MethodThickness Range
0.3Mechanical DrillThroughPanel Plating8~20 um; 20~30 um; Per Requested
0.25Mechanical DrillThrough / BuriedSelective Pad Plating8~20 um; 20~30 um; Per Requested
0.2Mechanical DrillThrough / Buried / BlindFlash Plating2~5 um
0.15Mechanical / Laser DrillThrough / Buried / BlindThickness Control+/- 8 um Per Panel (Normal)+/- 5 um Per Panel (Special)
0.1Mechanical / Laser DrillThrough / Buried / Blind
0.1-Laser DrillPer Designed
Tolerance Control
ItemsNormal ControlSpecial HandlingRemarks
Art Work to Vias+/-4 Mil+-2 MilAvailable for circuit image, solder mask opening, etc
Stencil to Part+/-6 Mil+/-3 MilAvailable for solder and kinds of inks
Coverlay Opening to Pad+/-7 Mil+/-5 MilIncluding the tooling Tolerance
Layer to Layer+/-5 Mil+/-3 MilIncluding the fiducial punching Tolerance
Hard Die Tooling+/-4 Mil+/-2 MilAvailable for outline and special opening
Soft Tooling+/-8 Mil+/-4 MilAvailable for outline and special opening
Lazer Cutting+/-1 MilAvailable for outline and special opening

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