The Challenge

PCB Solutions has been supplying Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems (Torchmate) with high quality wire harnesses from our offshore facility since 2014. With over 30 unique part numbers supplied, we have proved capable of building their electronic connectivity requirements. 

In September 2018, the Lincoln team requested a quote for an entire box build that included designing a PCB, assembling the PCB, sourcing the wire harnesses, and the electronic enclosure (screws and all). This was all part of a new product launch.

The Approach

Our team quoted the entire box build within a few days utilizing our Sparks, Nevada facility. This was accomplished by working with their local sheet metal fabricator to purchase the enclosures and our production services for low volume, in-house assembly operation to complete the units.  

Our procurement team processed the required purchasing of the bare PCB, electronic components, cable and wire harnesses, enclosure hardware, and shipping and packing material prior to the assembly of the PCBA. Assembly included integrating the wire harness to the circuitry as well as input / outputs to the enclosure before final assembly and test.

The Results

The first order of 25 units was built within 10 working days of receiving all the material and it took eight weeks from receipt of order to delivering the product. Repeat orders were subsequently ordered and built on multiple occasions. No rejects or returns.