Engineering Case Study Samples


Engineering Solutions Case Study – Dupont

  • 4 PCBs Designed
  • Schematic Created
  • Layout Design
  • Thin Paralux Material
  • Dupont Material
  • Double Sided
  • PCB FAB and Delivered to Customer

PCB Engineering Case Study – Raytheon / UTRC

  • PCB Design, Schematic & BOM
  • PCB FAB, Assembly, Firmware
  • Customer Testing
  • CC3235MODS TI IC Chip
  • Supported 3 Analog Sensors
  • RFMD RFFC5071A and CC1352R
  • RF Component 5.8GHZ
  • Programming & Debugging
  • Pressure & Temperature Sensor Implementation
  • 60-hour project

PCB Engineering Case Study – cleanroom

  • Created Specs, Circuit Design, Schematic, and BOM
  • PCB Layout and Routing
  • Hardware Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Prototyping 1, 2nd generation
  • Preproduction
  • Preparing for production

PCB Engineering Case Study – Rhino Lights

  • Complete Redesign of Product Line
  • Specs, Circuit Design, Schematic, and BOM
  • Product research and specifications
  • Component selection and sourcing
  • Component placements and routing
  • Electrical isolation and high-voltage / high-current routes,
  • high heat design
  • MFG fab notes and file outputs
  • 3D Drawings & Details

PCB Engineering Case Study – Chillipepper

  • Complete Redesign
  • Maintained foot print
  • Reduced chip count
  • enhanced performance
  • Reduced cost
  • Ease of Assembly – less hand solder components

PCB Engineering Case Study – Xcel Energy

  • Design and Engineering of custom AC to DC circuit and
  • PCB and replace the failed AC to DC power converter with new designed part and full schematic
  • 3D PDF for review
  • PCB Layout
  • All Fabrication files (gerbers, drill, manufacturing specifications, layer stack drawing, drill drawing)
  • DRC check report
  • Complete package of Altium Project files
  • One full turn build (includes, material, parts, and packing material)
  • Four extra fabricated PCB’s for future builds.
  • Replace capacitors with upgraded parts.
  • Add heatsink with thermal conductive paste for adhesion to bottom side where components are showing excess heat.

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