For a PCB Supplier like PCB Solutions, our greatest threats are other ‘direct’ competitors.  Not only because they are generally competitors but their inherent issues with quality and service.  Price original sin and tempter for our customers who are looking to cut out the middle man but have no idea of the pitfalls of doing business with a vendor who is used to doing business in the Chinese market and then wants to branch out into the international market.  These companies offer much lower pricing to earn new customers on the front end but they may tarnish the reputation of companies, like PCB Solutions, sourcing product from Asia when they send customers terrible quality.  Of course, there are quality suppliers all over the world and determining who is a good, quality suppliers is always the challenge and costly proposal.  This discussion really is about quality because 95% of the vendors in China are used to dealing and selling their product into China

We know, however, from experience that there are good printed circuit board fabricators out there that can offer off-shore pricing but maintain the highest of quality standards. We current do business with these types of suppliers and have done for years now.  We have been doing it for 13 years now to be exact.

In addition, we are a U.S. based firm with the ability to hand your transactions with normal payment terms; no one from your firm has to stay up into the late evenings dealing with suppliers and logistics; and we have the ability to vouch for very solid quality and service that you will only find with a supplier that is dedicated to working with exports and not their local business opportunities. Trust us when we say there is a huge gap in the quality thinking of export companies.

With these things being said, again, here is what you can expect to see from suppliers wanting you to buy their products. These emails came to us within just a one week and that does not even take into account the 200 other emails from suppliers that landed in our junk email.

Beware and trust the small percentages of difference in prices for your printed circuit boards are well worth the costs of having another firm manage that role in your supply chain. We are effective at keeping your product competitive AND high quality with on-time delivery. You will save thousands in not having returns, failures, missed deliveries and the like.

Here are more examples of suppliers you should be leery of:

This is Jesse from JXPCB.

 We’re a famous PCB enterprise in China, who is proud of high quality PCBs we build and on-time delivery rate.

1– Attached company profile, engineering capability and certifications ((TS16949, ISO14001, Military Approval Certificate, etc) for your review.

2– We have two factories with more than 600 employees in Shenzhen, and another BIG factory based in Jiangxi is under construction, which will be put into operation at the early 2014.

3– Standard materials we use:

Laminate: Shengyi (45%), ITEQ (35%), KB (15%), others (Rogers, Taconic, Arlon hold 5%).

Solder mask ink: Taiyo (PSR 2000/4000) and Nanya.

Plating Chemistry: ROHM & HASS.

4Advanced equipment and instruments:

Orbotech AOIs (Imported from Israel); Burkle pressing machine (Germany); Tektronix impedance tester (The USA);

Auto PTH; OPE machineOxford CMIs; DES line (Developing, Etching, and Dry film stripping in one line), ect.

5– Payment term we can support you will be: TT in advance for the first 3 orders, then NET 30 days for the follows.

6- Production capability:

Rigid boards → 2 to 30 layers;  Aspect ratio → 26:1

On-time delivery for the last 3 years has been nearly 97%, and <0.1% return rate over 3 years;

Min. Trace Width/Space: 3/3mil (outer layer), 2.5/2.5mil (inner layer);

 Min. Hole Size: 0.15mm/6mil (mechanical drill), 0.1mm/4mil (laser drill);

By the way, when will be your next buying trip to China? we invite you to visit our factories.

Sincerely hope to establish business relationship with your esteemed company. Thank you.

Many thanks for your kind attention and valuable time.

Thanks & Best regards.

How are you doing? ^_^

We are a professional prototype & small volume PCB manufacturer in China,

We, ChangSheng Industry, Co., Ltd. started PCB business since 1996 in China. We have big modern factories in Shenzhen producing Various of PCBs including rigid printed circuits boards.

We mainly offer from PCB Prototype to Small volume. Our monthly output of PCB reached 6000 squares and we supply 3000 different types of PCB per month.

Now, I would like to state strong points in PCB supply as below:

1. Quality products

Obtain the UL Certificate and implements its quality control and conducts of our products. Furthermore, with rich experiences in PCB production, our product quality is very mature and stable now.

2. Competitive price

As our monthly production ability has been increasing, we have the very competitive cost control than our competitors in China.

3. Service

We can offer the short time for the urgent need. We promise to offer the quickest response and reply customer’s any question or inquiry in 3 hours. We have built up an effective sales team to serve our customers.

For more information about our products, pls visit our website:

Jiang ABZ Electronic Material Co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the production of high-end photo imaginable PCB ink. Over the past years ABQ company is dedicated to providing our clients with high quality products  and helping them to improve the quality of products and control production cost continuously. Making a great contributions to china PCB and oversea market as well.

ABQ Company has passed the ISO9001 quality standard identification. And the products RS-2000, RS-2000HF,RS2000-B and so on are approved by UL(UL file number :E-310593).All of our products can meet Rohs requirement.

Our main products (RS-2000) Liquid solder mask ink; RS-2000 Halogen-free solder mask ink; RM-800 thermal curing mark ink.UV-1000 UV curable solder mask ink.RF-1860 conduction current carbon ink and so on.

Our capability is 150 tons per month.

Advantage is:  Competitive price, stable quality ,excellent service.

Now we are developing your market, so if we can get cooperation chance from you then we will be very much appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you and best regards.

Dear Mr. James Brown;

Nice to contact you. We are SLEEKT EK PCB Limited, an all-around global professional leading PCB’s manufacturer.

Our products including:

1. Various kinds of Rigid PCBs from 2 to 12 layers of boards etc;

2. Various kinds of Aluminum PCBs from single layer to 4 layers etc;

3. Various kinds of Flexible PCBs from single layer to 6 layers etc;

4. Various kinds of FR4 Spacer for support insulation and fix components etc.

SK Company Profile:

We have been supplying various kinds of pcb’s products during the past 5 years. Our product lines include Rigid PCBs, Aluminum PCBs, Flexible PCBs and FR4 Spacer products.

Our Printed Circuit Boards include: gold plating PCB, immersion Gold PCB, hot air leaving PCB, PCB with gold finger, PCB with blind and buried holes, aluminum based PCB, PCB for high frequency, ultra-thick PCB, Ultra-thin PCB, PCB for power supply, PCB with heavy copper, PCB with impedance control. Choosing SENKENTEK PCB Limited company as your PCB manufacturer will satisfy you even in the long run. Whether it is in performance or price our Printed Circuit boards outshine the rest.

To get more details about us, please visit our website:

With SLEEK TEK Company, you know you can count on the excellence and superiority of our products every time. We believe that with our experience and 24 hours service by specific sales team, our prompt attention, guarantee of satisfaction and competitive pricing will make us your first choice.

Good Old Scofield has hit us a few times… you gotta give the eager beaver some credit – he really tries hard:

Dear Sir:

This is Scofield, from Shenzhen JinDa Electronics & Technology Co.,Ltd. We get your name and email address from your trade leads on that you are in the market for PCB. So glad to have this opportunity to contact with you. We would like to introduce our company and products, in the hope of establishing the bridge for business cooperation with you.

We are factory specializing in the manufacture and export of quick-turn prototype and small volume PCB, with the scale of 120 workers who operate day and night in order to

meet the requirements of clients both in quality and quantity. Our factory has the ability of producing 1600 kinds of style, with 4200-5200 square meters each month.

Quick response, JSD PCB will reply Customer’s any enquiry within 3 hours;
 More than 180 type of PCB can be worked out Every day;
 24 hours technique Support;
 24 hours Engineering Gerber files treatment.
 24 hours English Engineering Questions Confirmation by E-mail.
 Experienced Impedance Designer.
 Supply the best project fit for production customized
More than 42 engineers, all with rich experience. Working by two shifts, treating the Engineer files 24 hours, providing our buyer technique support. We explore different kinds of CAM treatment software, which shorten the engineering inquiry and working time, optimize the production greatly. We will make out the best project fit for production customized, which will improve the reliability of our product, and shorten the product research and development period.

We mainly in supplying Rigid board, Flexible board and Rigid-Flex board. We have profuse designs with series quality grade, and we export large quantity to European and American countries, getting a good word-of-mouth. Our price is very competitive because we are manufactory, we are the source. You are welcome to visit our website

which includes our company profiles, history and something latest designs. Should any of these items be of interest to you, please let us know, we will be happy to give you details. As a very active manufactures, we develop new designs nearly every month, if you have interest in it, it’s my pleasure to offer news to you regular.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards


This is Sally form BFE Electronics, we are PCB factory.

We know you are in the PCB field. Our company, IBE, is a professional PCB manufacturer for 15 years. Hope we can cooperate in PCB industry to win more market.

Our goal is to help clients to Gain Time! Reduce Costs! Increase Efficiency! Raise market share! I believe we can be your reliable partner and make both of us happy!

And our information as below for your reference:

Manufacturer:    IBE Electronics Co.,Ltd, UL listed( E 326838)

Service:                 PCB design, PCB layout, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, parts sourcing.

PCB Production ability: 35000M2/ month.

Products:             single & double layers PCB / multi-layers PCB / flex-rigid PCB/ HDI PCB/ metal base PCB

Products:             1-16 layers PCB prototypes, 2-8 mass production.  NO  MOQ.

Applications:      Home Appliance, Game, LED/Lighting, Metering, Computer…

Quality control: E-test, X-ray Test, AOI, High voltage test, impedance control…

Certificate:           ISO9001, ISO14001, ROHS, SGS, REACH.

Main market:      Europe, America, Australia, Asia…

Clients:                  FLEXTRONICS, Emerson, solar edge, Fuji Electric, dream GEAR…

Dear Manager,

Good day! This is Lina from Ronghui circuit technology Ltd. We are the PCB manufacturer with TS16949 & ISO 14001 certification and looking forward to provide the Best Solutions and Best Services & Cost-Competitive for your product.

Ronghui is a leading worldwide provider of simple PCB to complex multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCBs). We do PCBS of Rigid PCB (2~36L), FPC (1~8L) and HDI/SBU Rigid-flex (2~16L), Rogers, Teflon multilayer, Arlon material, heavy copper, Al/Cu based, Hard Gold, and Blind & buried Via. And we specialize in HDI boards. We currently serve many customers in the automotive area for many years (such as the Saint-Gobain Sekurit International, FEW GmbH, IGT, A Motors).

Ronghui has the ability globally to support the customer’s full product life cycle from quick-turn around PCBs for new product introduction to high-volume, low-cost fabrication of complex boards (Quick-turn as fast as 24 hours, World-class engineering commitment and support)  .

Thanks for your kind attention and looking forward to receiving RFQs/Enquiries from you soon, we will provide the quotation for you within 24 hours.

BANGsag Industry, Co., Ltd is a leading Quick-Turn Prototype & small volume PCB manufacture in China.

We have our own lamination machine, AOI machine and 22 engineers team, 24*7 hours service and door to door shipped service (UPS , DHL, Fedex). Which ensue we are able to control quality and delivery time much better than other suppliers.
Quick-turn delivery services:
1.Two layers: 24 hours ;
2.Four layers: 48 hours ;
3.Six layers :  48 hours ;
4.Ten layers: 3 working days ;
5.12 layers:   3 working days ;
6.14 layers:   4 working days ;
7.More than 16 layers: Up to difficulty ;

PCB manufctuing process capabilities:

1. Min hole size:0.1mm ;

2. Min line width/space:3mil / 2.5mil ;

3. Layer count :1-40 layers(≥30 layers needs review) ;
4. Min finished size:7*7mm ,  Max finished size: 571*850mm ;

5. Solder mask oil: Tayo (Japan), RohmHaas (USA), Guangxin (China);

6. Material: FR4 (ITEQ,SL)with different TG’s(tg150,tg170,tg180,High copper (8oz) Arlon,Alu base,Taconic,Rogers, Neclo,,PTFE,CEM-3.
7. Surface: Tin lead,LeadfreeHASL,ENIG,OSP,Immersion Tin,Sliver,Gold Finger,Multilayers with buried vias and blind drilled or laser vias.

We have Owed certificate: ISO 9001:2008 + ISO 14001:2004   Sira Certification 94V0 .

We, Dongguan Pinsheng Group, the PCB manufacturing specialist in China, include two companies to provide the PCB production to customers, they are,

–         Dongguan Pinsheng Electronic Co. Ltd.

–         Shenan Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

The company I worked in, Shenan Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., is focusing on offering the prototyping and small-to-middle volume requirement from PCB market. Two years experiences take us confidence to offer customer even better service in this specific market requirement, we would say, we know what are your concerns, and we know how to move them.

For letting you have a direct image, and to make the easy decision, we are setting up the most attractive prices for you:

Prototype order (≤0.2m2)’s Special Packaging Offer:

Layer Packaging Price Lead Time
2 USD78.00 5
4 USD158.00 6
6 USD218.00 7
8 USD328.00 8



–         The packaging price is quoted based on: FR-4 Tg≤135 material; 1.0-1.6mm thickness; H-1oz copper; PTH≥0.3mm; 5/5mil; LF HASL; IPC class II;

–         Does not cover the freight cost and international bank transferring cost.

Last words, thanks for your time spending, and hoped the contents upper could help you to understand our activities.

Looking forward to seeing your opportunities coming for us!

I hope u have received my last email about: “More details about Top Circuit (HK) Co., Ltd -our advantages”

Now I’d like introduce our Quality Control system.

We are always keeping an eye on market and customer demand at any time and changing our strategy according to it. We provide good quality printed circuit boards as well as prompt and satisfactory service according to the environment of the market and customer, which embodies our core value of customer centered and market-oriented on product quality.

To satisfy our customers we focus on producing PCB with top quality. We have implemented the ISO9001 and QS9000 quality system and TS16949 quality system. The perfect quality assurance system and various inspection equipment help us to monitor the whole production process, assure stability of this process and high product quality, meanwhile, advanced instruments and technology methods have been introduced to attain sustained improvement.

There’s many advanced inspection and test instruments in Top Circuit (HK) Co., Ltd , which assures products’ reliability of finished products.

For more information, please feel free to connect us.

I hope u have received my last email about: “More details about Top Circuit (HK) Co., Ltd -our advantages”

Now I’d like introduce our Quality Control system.

We are always keeping an eye on market and customer demand at any time and changing our strategy according to it. We provide good quality printed circuit boards as well as prompt and satisfactory service according to the environment of the market and customer, which embodies our core value of customer centered and market-oriented on product quality.

I am Gary from TOGUNNERS Electronics. It’s our pleasure
to visit your website in Internet. We are very interest to serve you and
hope to be one of your PCB partner/supplier shortly.

We provide one stop PCB solutions from proto-typing to mass production.

We are a premier PCB manufacturer which obtained ISO9001, ISO14000, QS9000,
TS16949 and UL, specialized in Single, Double sided, 4 layers up to 32
layers at a very competitive price with good quality. And a wide range of
surface finishes such as Chemical Tin, Chemical Ni-Au, HAL Lead Free and
OSP support our client’s need in various product requirements.

We strongly believe a cost saving, punctual PCB supplier is one of the key
stone to be success, especially we are offering steady prices against the
material costs. Therefore, you will not experience price fluctuation
situation. We expect to help you to win more market under low costs.

Furthermore, we have no doubt that we not only can help you to save money
and time, but also provide your esteemed company and excellent service.
This is Woochart Formula: Fast Production + Cost Saving + Good Quality + on
Time Delivery = More Competitive in PCB Business.  Don’t
hesitate to let us know if there is any further assistance you may require.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter, and I’m looking
forward to hearing your valuable comments shortly.

Dear Purchasing Manager,

How are you today!

I am Chris from Success Circuits Group Limited, a professional PCB manufacturer in China.  Learned that you have support on PCB, you might want to get some supplier sources in China and we would be one of your good options. Please find our profile highlights as following:
1. Products range

   a. pcb production line

Rigid PCB up to 14 layers, Aluminum PCB, Impedance control, Buried-blind vias holes.  Material range: FR-4 (130TG-180TG), CEM1, Rogers,

Aluminum Based, Technology Capability: Min. 3mil/3mil Trace/space, 4 mil Smallest Drill Size …

   b. PCBA (components assembly)

our factory do a one stop service with prodcution pcb and pcba. It is convenience with our customer.
2. Qualified System
UL E326517
ISO 9001:2000
ISO 14001
3.Quick turn lead time
We can be delivered double-sided PCBs in 24 hours and four-layer PCBs 48 hours
Layers       normal lead time
2layer         5wds
4layer         7wds
6layer         9wds
  4.Excellent customer service and quick response

We can send you quotation and inquiry responses in two hours or less.
For more information please visit our website:
We sincerely hope to establish a long-term relationship with you in the future and look forward to hearing from you soon.

These are the options and as you can see there are so many options. They just keep coming out of the woodwork and who knows who you can trust…