Data source: 2010-08-23

As the global economy recovers, the international financial market goes stable, Orders shift crisis also comes to PCB industry for many PCB makers in China. On one hand, the middle-small PCB makers rely on OEM are unable to afford the pressure of cost rise by financial crisis.; on the other hand, serious shortage of workers bring many enterprise embarrassment of shut down. At the same time, with growth of workers wage cost, increase the pressure of the enterprise’s operation. It becomes the question for PCB manufacturers to think how to solve the new crisis.

Besides shortage of workers, PCB makers developed rely on OEM need to afford the affect of financial crisis and the price rise of material, source, energy shortage and high consumption. All this make the process cost rise in China, the price advantage is being eroded. Some international companies already shift the order to the low-cost Southeast Asian, South Asian countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Thailand. Under the situation of no significant decline in market demand, cancellation of orders in China, will inevitably be supplemented in other places.

The survey show, Japan IT enterprises have shift their PCB order to Thailand, PCB manufacturing companies in Thailand are also increasingly competitive Data shows PCB industrial value in southeast has already been 3-3.3 billion dollars, Thailand accounts 30-40% of the total. While the famous company like Gree, Supor, Media, Glanz , Canon and so on have already built their own production plant in Vietnam.

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