It would be an understatement to say that “we love flex circuit production.”  PCB Solutions just completed yet another successful domestic quick turn that transitioned to an off-shore production of production volumes. While the flex circuit looks simple to the eye, it carries some tight tolerances specific to this customer but really the specs were very simple for our factory.

We prototyped the parts with our very complex flex partner who can produce flex products down to a Trace and space of 1 Mil or 25um and can produce Vias at 25um. In addition, they can Laser Drill sizes down to 10um. This is the type of work other factories will not even touch and they do it with the ability to turn product in as little as 7-10 days on prototypes on three plus layered circuits.

Below is a picture of the most recent flex board we built 25 pcs of then turned them around and produced 3250 pcs in 8 days off-shore at a extremely cost effective price.  Our customer asked us to meet their other price and we not only met the price we beat it by 10%.  Chalk this kind of competiveness to having extremely solid suppliers who have mastered the art and science of flex production.

This is a look at the very professional engineering drawings our CAM engineer created for approval prior to production – leaving no measurement unaccounted for.  We take strenuous steps to

Vantage 1

make sure we are producing the highest quality product at the exact requirements for our customers.


The document below shows how easy it is for flex circuits to be shipped in panel format and how detailed we are about showing EMS engineers how to create their fixtures prior to production:

Vantage 2





Our manufacturing partners again show we have the ability to produce some of the more complex flex circuits needed by many customers in the world today wtih extremely competitive prices and very aggressive lead times.