As noted in an earlier blog post on January 7th as an announcement on the completion of the flex project for Intel , PCB Solutions released this official press release on January 14th 2013.

Reno, NV (PRWEB) January 14, 2013

PCB Solutions Continues to Perform for Tier 1 Customers

The maker of rigid, flex, and rigid flex printed circuit boards provides yet another delivery of high quality products for a Tier 1 customer

PCB Solutions announces another successful project for a Tier 1 customer by delivering a complex FLEX circuit to one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers, Intel Corporation. Intel reached out to PCB Solutions in November 2012 requesting a quote for the manufacturing and assembly of a FLEX circuit requiring impedance control and very tight trace and space requirements.

“This project came to us with open arms,” said Greg Engstrom, president of PCB Solutions stated. “We have been hoping for a project like this to showcase our proficiency and organization with complex Flex Circuit fabrication and assembly for a while now. This project was the perfect opportunity to prove our processes for a large, multinational corporation.”

The project engineer quoted several companies and awarded the project to PCB Solutions in early part of December 2012. Intel sourced the components and delivered them to PCB Solutions for the first short run of the product. PCB Solutions successfully produced the flexible circuit to Intel’s specifications, managed the material and assembled the flex circuits in a timely manner. Product was on the desk of lead engineer within 3 weeks, delivered exactly as requested. Of the received product, the design engineer stated, “I received the cables, the assembly, and flexible circuit quality looks very good.”

This is the first time PCB Solutions and Intel Corporation have worked together, but according to Intel’s engineering, this successful project could be the first of many yet to come. “Competitive prices and reliable quality will be the foundation of this relationship,” noted James Brown, V.P. of Sales and Marketing at PCB Solutions. This complex design will be yet another one of many future projects that PCB Solutions does for Tier 1 customers. This product will be used internally for Intel’s engineers to design and test Intel products. This is proof that PCB Solutions can add value to small, medium and large business in any type of electronics fabrication.

“At PCB Solutions we look forward to years of successful and profitable business with Intel and other future customers that are in need of a quality custom fabricated flex, rigid flex or a rigid printed circuit board supplier,” Engstrom added. “It is our aim to continue building on these successes with flexible pcb fabrication.”