One of our favorite competitors to take business from lost yet another one to us today.  In an email from our customer, we were allowed to see the following taken from a conversation between a purchasing agent and the engineer asking a few questions about moving from our competition to PCB Solutions:

I am re-quoting this PCB – SS-SSSS Would you be able to take a look at the gerbers and see if you can answer the questions below? I don’t want to go to the customer if I don’t have to” …XYZ” is the current supplier and they have built this for years, they are just difficult to work with.

How is it possible in this day of challenging business could one firm even consider being “difficult to work with.”  It would be tough for us to imagine being difficult to work with even in the best of times when business is flowing and you are so busy it is hard to keep you head above water.  Well, it seems that some companies are just that, “difficult to work with.”  On the other hand, we pride ourselves on being a good PCB Manufacturer that is easy to work with.  Our office manager, Debbie, has got to be one of the most pleasant and customer service orientated people on the planet.  Here first task each day is to update our customers so they know when their circuit boards are arriving and/ or confirm with our customers a delivery date when a new order is placed.  She goes out of her way to make sure people feel like customer service is a pleasure not an effort.

Isn’t that why customers go where they go? Well, sometimes there is an occasional buyer who focuses ONLY on price.  We do have a customer in Utah who states that “with XYZ vendor, there is always something” but yet we consistently provide excellent service and on-time delivery with an absolute FLAWLESS delivery of quality custom fabricated printed circuit board products.  It does, I must say, hurt to make such huge efforts to always be on-time and go the extra mile and be looked over for $.05 per unit on a small quantity but at times, there isn’t much we can do but continue to be aggressive with our pricing and “good to work with.”

If you are the type of customer / buyer who would like to have PCB Supplier in your supply chain that is easy to work with and will get you quotes promptly, provide quality products and on-time delivery I am certain Debbie will be happy to keep you posted on the delivery of your products with an always refreshing, “okie dokie.” (she is literally that friendly).

James Brown
PCB Solutions