I recently wrote an article for Iconnect’s SMT Online magazine about the risks with running to China to find a news PCB Supplier.  The article has done well with viewers and the feedback has been very positive.  For our own blog post, I wanted to show just how many requests and the variety of request we receive on a daily basis from factories in southeast China.

The information is just a sampling of about 3 days worth of inquiries.  Can you imagine trying to pick through these factories to try and determine who is going to be a quality supplier for your products?

Trust me when I say the picture in the email is usually not the printed circuit board supplier or manufacturer where your PCBs will be fabricated.  There have been more than one trip to China for me where a factory’s picture looks NOTHING like the real thing.  We have walked factory floors that are literally junk – junk in terms of equipment, factory cleanliness, factory organization, et cetera.

If you are getting emails like this below – don’t take the chance with them; it is not in your best interest.  Reading the interesting names is always fun though…

Please allow me introduce our company ABC company (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. We manufacture and sell MCPCB, PCB and FPC. We have 6 plants which separately locate in Shenzhen city, Longchuan City, JiAn city in China. I am oversea sales manager. I would like to introduce you our MCPCB (metal core PCB), which is circuit board with metal core (Aluminum, Copper or Iron) providing solution for big electric current and exothermal circuit. Our MCPCB plant has capacity of 15,000 square meters per month, which will expand to 30,000 square meters per month in one year. We use our own MCCL (KW-ALE) and other brand like Bergquist, Laird, PTTC and Sanyo etc. We may also use other brand of MCCL you specifies. We are able to make MCPCB with circuit copper thickness up to 6oz and layer count up to 8 layers, and COB MCPCB. Our product application covers Automotive, Telecom, Display/TV light-bar, lighting, power, Audio, computer etc. Our major customers are Emerson, BMW, Hella, Samsung, Skyworth, KONKA, Sharp etc. If you have interest in our product or developing new supplier, please contact us freely.

We are professional manufacturer of high quality PCB with Competitive price and fast delivery, which located in ShenZhen China! Been in this line for  over 16 years. Welcome to our website:

Shall be able to give you considerable pcb supplies with 40000 m2/month capability.

With advantages of:

1.Quality guaranteed by ISO,UL,TS19646

2.Shipping Cost with discount.

3.Most efficient service.

This is Prabha from XYZ Tech, Chennai, India. We got your information from the web.

TYZ Tech is an emerging Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout Design Service provider for the

ATE, Embedded, Telecom & Networking, Automation, Power Conditioning and Consumer Electronics Market etc., has a highly skilled team of  PCB Layout Engineers who are capable of producing high quality PCB layout designs. We have a proven track record of completing high speed, high density and customized complex multilayer designs on time with high quality to both domestic and overseas customers.

 TYZ Advantage


  • Competitive Outsourcing Cost
  • On Time Delivery
  • Integrated Development Atmosphere
  • PCB Fabrication and Assembly Support thru’ partner program.
  • On site Support

We  have a special expertise in handling designs for Chip on board, Single board computers, CPCi ,PCi and other international form factor designs, Multi Gigabit Backplane Cards for Telecom Switches, RFboards, ATE Probe cards and  other customized complex PCBs using prominent EDA tools

XYZ Tech has obtained a great level of appreciation from all it’s customers for maintaining on time schedules, excellent Project management and Customer Relationship management process for successful project completion. Design team follows stringent design Quality process which yields error free designs.

Please find attached our Brochure and PPT explaining PCB Design Expertise for your kind perusal. I request to you to kindly give us an opportunity to showcase our capability and explore on our business co-operation in areas which could result in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Hope you have a nice day.

Through the internet we acquired your esteemed company name, and we take the liberty of writing this e-mail to you looking for future opportunity of cooperation.

Shenzhen RFX, Ltd. is a professional PCB supplier. We focus on quick-turn prototype, small volume and mass production for 1-22 layer boards, please let me make a brief introduction for our company:

1. Products range: Rigid PCB up to 22 layers,  Aluminum PCB, Impedance, Buried-blind vias, Hard/Soft Gold, Flex PCB…

2. Material range: FR-4 (130TG-180TG), CEM1, Halogen free laminate, Rogers, Teflon, Aluminum Based,  NanYa…

3. Quick turn lead time at reasonable Price. We can be delivered sample PCBs in 24/48/72 hours.

4. Excellent customer service and quick response. We can send you quotes and inquiry responses in two hours or less.

We hold on “Customer Satisfaction, Best Service, Highest Quality, On-Time delivery” as our top priority. With over six year’s manufacture experience and the sophisticated facility, our commission is to strive for zero defects while committing to fast turnaround, on-time delivery and unparalleled service. We believe that with our experience and excellent service by specific sales team, our prompt attention, guarantee of satisfaction and competitive pricing will make us your first choice.

This is Dager Liongstreak from the Oversea Sales Department. It’s my honor to introduce ZZH Circuits, LTD for you and your attention to our introduction would be great appreciated!

Shenzhen ZZH Electronics CO.,Ltd (ZZH) has its own manufacturing base in HuiZhou City GuangDong Province, which focuses on small – mid volume PCB orders (3 300), with good quality, stable delivery turnaround and competitive pricing. Also with the firm working relationship with other good PCB factory in China, such as SSC, Founder PCB, etc, which enable us to have the ability to offer you the service of One-Stop Solution, from quick turn prototype to production, from PCB to FPC, from PCB to SMT, etc. Our key products are 1-30 layers Rigid PCB and 1-16 layers Rigid-Flex PCB, which are certificated with ISO9001:2000, UL and SGS, also we strictly control our production according to IPC-A-600, IPC-6012 & IPC-SM-840.

We are not only a PCB supplier, but aiming at integrating all the advantaged resources and providing the full range service to your products chain, we’d like to be your reliable and flexible partner!

Enclosed please find the Company Presentation for HZZYMZ Electronics, please just feel free to let me know should you have any questions to our company or products.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, sincerely! Thank you very much!

Glad to know you are on market of Circuit Boards, I believe you are always looking for the more competitive source.

We are a ISO9001/TS16949 certified PCB company in China. We serve oversea market over 10 years and have earned reputation with high quality, low price products.

Compare to the competitors, I listed some of our advantages that all our customers definitely welcomed, I hope this could be a chance for us to bid some of your projects for quoting.

1.No risks:

Do not like other PCB company require 100% prepayment, we throw all potential risks away from our customer and accept payment be done when the PCBs arrived.

2.Low price:

We provide the most competitive price. A standard 6L board (FR4,0.063″Thk,1/1oz, HASL) is only $0.15/inch2 in production.

3.High quality:

Guarantee good quality is the first basic we should do well and keep us in a long term business.

4.Quick responses:

We could feedback/quote you within two hours until 12:00 US Eastern time. Considering the time difference, any time you can receive our response next morning. You’ll never need to wait for days.

5.No MOV requested:

Your orders whether productions or samples are welcomed, you do not need worry about the lot size.

6.In time delivery:

General lead-time for 2-4layer PCB is 2-3 weeks in production, for 6-10 layer PCB is 3-4 weeks. And we also can support your quick turn requirement for prototypes.

For more information about our company, please refer to attached company profile.

Thanks for your time, we look forward to having the opportunity to work with you on your next project!

Thanks for your time

Kindly regards!

Sanney Yu

Sales Manager

This is Aunt Annies PPCB from Hot Time of the Sun Enterprises Co., Ltd., a professional PCB supplier with manufacturing.

Our factory is ranked in the top of Chinese PCB manufacturers with ISO9001:2000, UL and TS16949 certified. Our products range are from 1 to 20 layers of rigid PCBs, Al PCB, FPCs and Flex-rigid PCBs, especially good at 2-10 layer mass production of rigid PCB.

We have strong management team with over15 years of engineering experience for technical & professional support. In our plant, our completed and advanced production system will make all of our production are strictly controlled and follow TS16949 standard. So you don’t have to worry of any engineering query or quality trouble or delayed delivery time from us.

As for PCB cost, we are sure you will get the most cost-efficient with high quality and within your budget. Would like to give it a try?

Hopefully, there’re chances to create long-term cooperation with you. Looking forward to your kind reply! Thanks!

With best regards,


Offshore sales manager  

           From your business information in the internet, i learn that you deal with pcb business which just fall in our business scope. Newtan Circuits Co.,LTD (UL No:E123456), a leading and top quality manufacture of rigid PCB, flex circuit, hybrid PCB and metal core PCB, knows how difficult it can be to find a good PCB vendor in China that has  enough experience in a wide variety of industries to take on any technical or design challenge.  I have listed some high end PCB with detailed pricing information for your reference in order not to waste your time. If you find them more competitive than your current vendors, don’t hesitate to contact me for your details. Benefit from your changes!


Base material:FR4 TG170+Rogers4350B

Board size:160X85MM

Layers Stack up: Layer1(60um)/ Core(Rogers4350B:0.422mm) /Layer2(35um)/Prepreg(FR4:0.1mm ) / Layer 3 (35um) / Core (FR4:0.1mm)/ Layer4 (60um)

Tooling fee: $$$USD

Unit price: $$USD

Lead time: 10 working days


Base material: Rogers 4350B

Board size: 177.8 X 177.8 MM

Layers Stack up: Layer1 (35um) / Core (Rogers 4350B :1.5mm)

Tooling fee: $$$USD

Unit price: $$USD

Lead time: 6working days


Base material: FR4 + Polyimide

Board size: 33.8X 85.48MM

Layer stack up: Layers 1 (35um) / Core (Flex part: 0.2mm, Rigid part: 1.6mm)

Tooling fee: $$$USD

Unit price: $$$USD

Leadtime:10working days


Base material: FR4+Al core base

Board size: 171.2X106.2MM

Layer stack up:Layers1(105um) / Core (FR4:0.3mm) / Layer  2(105um)/ Prepreg (FR4:0.24mm)/ Al core base(1.6mm)

Tooling fee: $$$USD

Unit price: $$USD

Lead time: working days

Quickest leadtime reference

2layer proto order: 24hours

4layer proto order: 2days

6layer proto order: 3days

8layer proto order: 4dyas

Pls visit our homepage:www.ntcircuits.com or E-mail us for more information .We believe we can make you more competitive

Your sincerely

Kasen lee

2013 annual sourcing time for PCBs and  PCB supplier is imperative to you, hope we Vagabond can also have a chance to support you.

Vagabond is a PCB Provider with 110% profession in Quick-turn prototypes and also Volume PCBs.

Key Words:

PCB Fabrication; 

Rigid board to 24 layer,

Flex & Rigid-flex board to 6 layer. 

See our Spec Technology from our website:

PCB Assembly;

Stencil Making;

Components Outsourcing;

Quick-Turn PCBs:       

Layer                                         Normal Leadtime Quickest Turn!!!
2 layer 2-5 working days 24 Hour
4 layer 3-7 working days 48 Hour
6 layer 4-8 working days 4  Days
8-16 layer or more We can custom-made the quickturn forcustomers.

Customer Service:

  • Top feature of ZITROK includes a 24 Hour quote open time to meet your rush PCB request;
  • You will get quotes and inquiry response in 2 Hours or less;
  • Sales team members who can communicate in English and engineers who can understand your English Spec well;
  • CAM350, GC-CAM, Gerber Protel99SE, Eagle, CAM Drawing can be sent for our quote and production;

Additional Shipping Notes:

  • Samples spares for quality testing/micro-section test is available;
  • Email notification with tracking number upon shipment was arranged;
  • End-to-end WIP online order tracking systemtomanager each status of your product on our web;

Our 7 years’ experience of PCB service can end your search with us, please be free to send files for inquiry directly. Thanks for reading!

Hope to get your excited feedback TODAY!

This is Lisa from Onigoboingo Technology Co., Ltd.

Oningoboingo is professional in manufacturing PCB, such as single-sided, double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards.

We can assure high quality and good service and fast delivery with best price for you. For more information,

please refer to our website:

If you’re interested in or need more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards

Dear Sir,

I hope your business goes well!

This is Tina speaking, from Sheena Easton Electronic Technology Co., located in Dongguan, Guangdong,we are a PCB factory, able to support customers’ both medium volume and prototyping & small volume order requirements. we has two independent production lines to handle these two types of orders, to offer different kinds of market benefits. We are really confident to offer customers with either faster L/T or competitive price, or both of them together. During the past 2 years I worked in SET,  have got much more, we were really doing a lot of business  for customers, and got customers’ approval.

All what I talked upper, is trying to set up the contact with you, purpose to give you an image who we are, and to see if new opportunities to offer our service to you in near future.

Hoped this mail did not trouble you, and hopefully to hear from you some words and comments!

Dear Sir or Madam: Thanks for your attention and time.

This is Amanda, sales person of Wan He Xing Electronic Co., Ltd from Shenzhen, China. We would like to seek for opportunity to build up the business relationship with your esteemed company.

Following is our factory’s advantage:

1. the hole wall copper  is above 23 um, customers request 25um and we’ll around 28 um.

2. Our board have good-looking appearance, little chafed the phenomenon.

3. At the same time we have a strong engineering team to ensure the accuracy of the data.

4. Our best service. Generally simple inquiry, reply to you within 30 minutes almost 24 hours service.

5. In the guarantee quality and competitive price.

Any interest in our PCB, pls send us inquiry, we will give you our lowest quotation. For any more information, pls feel free to contact us at any time.

We hope we can cooperate with you. Be a good partner.

We do appreciate and value your business!  Absolute sincerity service, only for you!

 Dear Sir and your purchasing team,

Have a good day!

XZG Technology is the original  PCB&PCBA manufacturer in HuiZhou,China with area of 25,000 square meter and staff is about 1,200.We have 11 years experience in overseas market.

Advantage: the competitive price with good quality, quickly quotation.

Material:   FR-4 (TG130-180),FR-1,CEM1,Flex,Aluminum based,etc

TS16949,UL (E246887), ISO9001, ISO 14001 certified.

Monthly capacity up to 80,000 square meters

Just feel free to contact me if you need to purchase PCB.

Best regards,


Skype: ellen


Kung Fu Fighting International Co.,Ltd



Website: http://www.kungfoo.pa

First thank you for reading my introduce email.

Pls help to forward my email to your purchase department  if you’re not the right person. Thank you!

This is Eric from FAT Lady Circuits (HK) Limited we get your name and email address from your website. We would like to take the opportunity to introduce our company and products, with the hope of work together with in near future and get great successful business.

FAT Lady Circuits is a leading and reliable printed circuit board (PCB) supplier which specializes in manufacturing High-quality 1-22 layer circuit board with blind and buried vias, High TG thick copper boards, Hi-frequency boards, HDI board, Al-base boards etc. Based on advanced equipment, experienced workers and scientific quality management, we can offer various kinds of PCB products with different surface treatments, such as HAL, HAL lead free, Flash gold, ENIG, OSP, Immersion Tin, etc.

We would like to be your PCB supplier, we got your email from your website, we write to you hope to set up long term PCB business relationship.

Gangrene CIRCUITS LIMITED locates in Shenzhen China, we build top quality PCB with best price and on time delivery, our PCB can be max. 40 layers (rigid PCB), FPC(flex. PCB), MCPCB(metal core), etc, all our PCBs follow IPC, UL and RoHS, our experienced professional staff with best team spirits will support you very well.

We have been strongly focusing on Quick Turn / express PCBs, prototype, small volume and middle volume PCBs, top quality, high technology PCBs, for more details, kindly visit our website:

Looking forward to your RFQs or comments.

This is Alice from PEAK PCB LTD in China. We specialized in printed circuit boards for many years, with the customers from USA, Germany, Japan, Israel, etc, and hope to find a way to cooperate with you.

Our service include: PCB production(sample and mass production),PCB copy, Rigid PCB, Aluminum PCB with competitive price.

The boards include: single sided, double sided, 2 layer, 4 layer, 6 layer.

Fast delivery: Samples & small production:4~5 days ( urgent delivery 2~3 days), Mass production: 7~8 days.

We are Goodness Greatness Technology Company, Located in Shenzhen China. Specializing in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards, We mainly offer single layer, double layer, multi-layer, flex PCB, flex-rigid PCB, Aluminum PCB and frequency PCB.

1. Excellent quality with competitive price.

2. Our product sells to all over the world, such as USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Sweden etc.

3. Fast delivery: samples: 1~3days, mass production: 6~7days.

If you are insterested in our product, pls contact us asap.

This is Frank from Bestech Circuits Limited which is a professional PCB supplier in China. It’s my pleasure to email you

Are you interest in us and is there the chance to cooperate ?

We have been serving customers from many countries with PCB/FPC/Alum PCB/PCBA and other related products for many years, and will continue to provide the best products and service to our customers.PCB is our major business. We supply all kinds of boards, from1-24layers, Flex, Flex-rigid and have a wide network of producers which support almost all kinds of base materials and substrates. We are especially good at quick turn around jobs. Normally, we can finish the PCBs within 3 working days for a 6 layers board or below; and 5 working days for 8-12 layers board. From quick-turn prototypes and ramp-to-volume production to full-scale production, every phase is monitored and managed by highly qualified professionals. We eliminate issues inherent in changing suppliers between prototype and production builds.

Goodness Greatness Circuits knows the importance of quality and reliability in today’s demanding marketplace. Our quality heritage, and our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence continually moves us forward.

Dear Purchasing manager ,

This is Carina  from HT Flex PCB Precision Technology Co., LTD ,We are professional electronic technology group specializing in manufacturing Flexible PCB(FPC from 1 to 6 layers ,Base material for PI and PET) , as well as thin and flexible rigid PCB (FR4 PCB) with more than 8 years experience in ShenZhen China.

They are widely used in Flex LED strips,  LCD module,  Mobile phone cable, keystoke,  antenna fpc for cell phone,  Medical FPC,  Digital camera fpc and other fields.

Here comes our advantages:

1.low price with high quality

2.Good service with fast delivery time

3.No MOQ,warm welcome prototype orders in any quantity as well as trial orders and initial orders.

4.engineering cost &stencil cost are charged once

5. offer a better quotation in short time.

DANG GOOD Lucky Star PCB Co., Ltd. is a joint venture by Fluxing Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong WinWintime Tech. Co., Ltd. , which was established in 2000. At the beginning, we specialized in Inner Layer, Lamination, Drilling and N/C Routing processing for multi-layer printed circuit board .

To meet requirements of the market and promote our competition, in year 2005 , we imported advanced productive & inspective equipment and focus on manufacturing double-sided and multi-layer PCB with high density & top grade quality .

So far, we have invested more than 100 million RMB to keep updating our competency and with the production capacity of 300,000 ft2 per month. Nowadays, our PCB have been widely used in electronic products such as computer, industry equipment, communication equipment, medical instrument and other automatic instruments.

What we can do:

2 to 30-layer PCBs, HDI, Aluminum based PCBs

High-Mix, Medium or Low-Volume orders,

Why choose us:

Premium services with over 12 years exporting experience;

Much more competitive price than local market in China with good quality;

Short lead time, we can support quick turn job too if needed;

Perfect system (ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001-2004, UL certification, SPC system, etc..)

Do not have MOQ, even 1 piece is acceptable.

 Attached is some our  products for your reference, looking forward to hearing from your esteemed side, Thanks!