PCB Solutions provided the following letter to a customer requesting a disaster recover plan.  This is a plan we implement for all of our customers


Re: Continuity Recovery Plan

Dear Customer,

Below you will see the details for PCB Solutions’ Continuity Recover Plan that would be used for IEA.  As distributor, meaning we manage all the financial and logistics of PCB procurement, our model is straightforward and uncomplicated.  Over the course of 13 years, we have developed relationships with 8 Rigid (6 offshore / 2 Domestic), 3 Flex, and 2 Rigid Flex PCB vendors.

With such a breadth and depth of vendors that have been qualified, we are confident we would not see any interruption in the supply chain fulfillment of your product.  We consistently visit our factories each year to ensure: factories are meeting quality standards, establishing connections with key personel, understanding technology advancements, et cetera.

General Summary of Contingency Recovery Plan:

  • PCB Solutions to maintain copies of original Gerber files sent by Imperial
  • PCB Solutions to maintain copies of PCB Specifications
  • PCB Solutions to maintain copies of Array Specifications
  • PCB Solutions to maintain copies of working Gerber Files and their Specifications
  • PCB Solutions will always have a second vendor with comparable pricing available
  • In the event of a factory distruption, PCB Solutions will NOT charge IEA any transfer, NREs or handling fees to resume production with an alternate factory.
  • In the event of a factory disriuption, PCB Solutions WILL inform Imperial of the trasfer and provide proper communication and approval of the transfer.
  • PCB Solutions will also provide quality documents of the alternate factory including, but not limited to, ISO Certs, UL E number, and so forth.
  • PCB Solutions will manage all of the logistics associated with the transfer of production to the alternate factory.
  • In most cases, PCB Solutions will make every effort to maintain current pricing originally contracted

There are some events the above factors may not apply – such as: natural disaster, major politcal or economic shifts, major labor disputes with key logisics or transit entities, et cetera.

Despite any of these events, PCB Solutions is committed to supporting its customers and will make every effort to accommodate production schedules and delivery of product.

PCB Solutions is a financially healthy company with zero debt, positive cash flow, cash reserves, favorable credit with all vendors and a positive standing with the Better Business Bureau.

We consistently strive to improve our vendor technology, quality and relationships which translates into  healthy supply chain for IEA and your customers.