PCB Solutions Doubles the Number of Printed Circuit Board Engineering Projects in 2013

Press Release January 7, 2013

A supplier of rigid, flex, rigid flex printed circuit boards & design engineering services has a banner year and doubles its number of engineering projects in 2013.

PCB Solutions is pleased to announce yet another year of excellent growth in one of its core services: Engineering Design and PCB Layout.  PCB Solutions developed engineering services most of the 2013 year and made great strides in growing its engineering division.  As noted in an official service announcement in October 2013, engineering has become a core competency and a major contributor to revenue growth.

Major credit for the growth comes from the engineering team.  PCB Solutions’ President, Greg Engstrom is Mechanical Engineer with numerous projects under his direction.  Lead Engineering Manager, Brett Davis, is an Electrical Engineer with over 100 engineering projects from concept to production.  This team of engineers provide a complimentary approach to servicing our customers with high-end engineering capabilities.

2013 brought a very diverse set of development projects.  The major type of engineering opportunities were reverse engineering projects.  These types of projects included, but were not limited to, taking existing PCBs designs and reengineering due to lost files; reverse engineering PCBs to conform with new SMT efficiencies; reverse engineering PCBs to confirm with RoHS standards; and most often the case designed new PCBs from old samples to give our customers a more efficient product updating the bill of materials that improved the performance of the Printed Circuit Board’s electrical efficiencies.

Engineering Manager, Brett Davis, noted, “the greatest level of satisfaction from engineering a PCB is the ability to make improvements in technology which in effect lower the cost of the PCB in manufacturing while simultaneously improving the performance.”

A banner year of engineering also came with designing projects from a schematic through production and even managed the PCB assembly for the customers.  Typical PCBA work involved designing the PCB and providing all the documentation for PCB production, creating a Bill of Materials and managing the prototype work for that PCB assembly.

In addition, PCB Solutions had projects that incorporated taking a customer’s existing design and improving it with or without schematics.  There are a few projects as well in the pipeline that involve Design For Manufacturing improvements along with design improvements that are not part of a the reverse engineering process.  These projects include customer improvements and general Bill of Material changes.

President Greg Engstrom noted, “Having another service become a core competency really sets the foundation for future growth.  The revenue growth is exciting to the team, however, the most exciting component is the higher level of development it brings to relationships with customers. We are just engaged more often and it offers us additional opportunities to provide excellent service.”

Engstrom also added, “We continue to emphasize a culture of continuous improvement that translates into successful service for our customers and increased revenue for our company.”

PCB Solutions is currently quoting and reviewing projects that fit their PCB engineering design and layout model.

About PCB Solutions 

PCB Solutions is a provider of custom fabricated electronics.  Flagship products are high quality printed circuit boards and flexible circuit manufacturing.  With a variety of resources, PCB Solutions provides customers with very competitive supply chain solutions, and has established domestic and off-shore relationships with several high quality fabricators.

PCB Solutions supports prototyping to high volume production and basic to complex multilayer PCBs & flexible circuitry.  In addition, PCB Solutions offers value added services including: PCB engineering & design (schematic through assembly), wire & cable assemblies, over molding, warehousing, packaging, labeling, bar coding and MRP based inventory management.