PCB Solutions Featured in the Northern Nevada Business Weekly

The Northern Nevada Business Weekly did a great article on PCB Solutions this week highlighting our company’s commitment to growth and development.  The article, written by John Seelmeyer, touched on the strong growth of PCB Solutions and highlighted our growth potential as we are pushing to continuously grow by 10% per year.

John visit your humble V.P. of Sales & Marketing on the phone and also visit the facility to do a short walk through.  He was truly amazed that we were doing such a large volume of work from such a small space.  We too are humbly impress with our ability to turn inventory and get it out to the market place for distribution.

For example, today we received a medium sized order of two hundred thousand rigid printed circuit boards and over one hundred thousand of those boards are shipping out the same day they arrived. PCB Solutions managed the entire process from reviewing the engineering drawings, placing the order with the right factory for the price and delivery, managing the order to ensure the factory stayed on track with the schedule, oversaw the handing from the factory to the freight forwarder and tracked the details of the ocean shipment to our dock for an on-time shipment.

We then prepared the shipment for redistribution to our customer and transported the product to the local Reno airport depot for shipment to Costa Rica where our customer’s manufacturing facility resides.  The customer was excited to see such a solid turnaround and complemented our staff on the efforts to make sure this shipment went smooth for them.

These are the kinds of experiences that will help our team meet that 10% growth projection / goal we are working towards in 2014.  John was impress by the small steps and execution needed for each order to make sure our customers return to us for the next opportunity.  Today, the PCB market is extremely competitive. It is no secret the custom fabricated manufacturing world is a complete commodity with only the best companies providing the best products and services can survive.  We have added to that model the ability to produce product at extremely aggressive prices and with a high level of quality.  Service, however, is the great separator of skill that keeps our customers coming back.

We have had, on more than one occasion, customers say, “Your team is easy to deal with so I would rather go with you.”  Or, we have heard from other customers who still buy from other sources at times, “oh ya, we never have problems with PCB Solutions but company XYZ, there is always a problem of some sort.”  We don’t know why they order from the competition but there are definitely other variables in the equation besides competitive pricing, quality and good service I suppose.

The article written by the Northern Nevada Business Review was a great review of how we take painstaking efforts to be the best possible source as a custom electronics manufacturing and distributor.


James Brown
PCB Solutions, LLC