Press Release – Released Today

PCB Solutions Again Receives Another Perfect Score on Supplier Review

The supplier of rigid, flex and rigid flex printed circuit boards provides another quarter of near perfect customer service, on-time deliveries and perfect quality.

PCB Solutions is pleased to announce yet another quarter of near perfect deliveries as reported by one of its top customers, Miyachi America Corporation (MAC).  MAC’s most recent supplier review was issued for the period beginning July 1, 2013 and covered performance through the period of September 30, 2013.

“Our internal processes provide consistency for our customers and the quarter after quarter of perfect scores with companies like MAC prove our system is working,” said Greg Engstrom, President of PCB Solutions.  Engstrom also noted, “Another flawless quarter shows that we can repeat this work again and again for any of our customers with any type of custom fabricated product.”

As noted to PCB Solutions by Miyachi America Corporation, MAC closely evaluates their suppliers by looking at four performance categories: quality, delivery, customer service, and a purchasing price score. It is their objective to work in partnership with suppliers to maximize performance in all four areas.

Based on an internal plan, MAC has an established a performance matrix defining acceptable levels and any of the suppliers have the ability to qualify as a preferred supplier.  MAC is a great partner for PCB Solutions because they continue to push suppliers to achieve and surpass these performance levels with open lines of communication.

In the report, James Johnson, Supply Manager of MAC, stated:

“Your overall performance over this past quarter has been excellent. Miyachi America Corporation applauds your performance and wishes to thank you for making our relationship a mutually profitable venture.”

PCB has incorporated a complex “in-house” inventory system that is operated and maintained in Reno, Nevada. This system manages all types of manufactured electronic products like printed circuit boards,  rigid flex and flex circuits, wire harnesses, etc. through a customized inventory management process. It is one of the value-added services that PCB Solutions offers on top of the quality, pricing, procurement, manufacturing and logistics management of their PCBs.

Engstrom added, “It is our aim to continue building on the successes in an effort to establish a consistent philosophy and company culture of continuous improvement.”

About PCB Solutions 

PCB Solutions is a provider of custom fabricated electronics.  Flagship products are high quality printed circuit boards and flexible circuit manufacturing.  With a variety of resources, PCB Solutions provides customers with very competitive supply chain solutions, and has established domestic and off-shore relationships with several high quality fabricators.

PCB Solutions supports prototyping to high volume production and basic to complex multilayer PCBs & flexible circuitry.  In addition, PCB Solutions offers value added services including: PCB engineering & design (schematic through assembly), wire & cable assemblies, over molding, warehousing, packaging, labeling, bar coding and MRP based inventory management.