In our quest to supply the highest quality PCBs to the largest players in the business, PCB Solutions took one step closer to that goal this recent quarter.  It is exciting news for our team to announce that PCB Solutions has received its first order from Jabil Circuit.

Jabil Circuit, as many know, is an industry leading EMS company serving every sector of assembly and amassing over 16.5 billion in sales in 2011. Jabil supplies completed assemblies to some of the elite electronics OEMs in the world including, but not limited to: Agilent Technologies, Apple Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., Ericsson, General Electric Company, Hewlett-Packard Company, International Business Machines Corporation, NetApp, Inc., Pace plc and Research in Motion Limited (Source is Jabil 2011 annual report).   It goes without saying that they don’t order PCBs from just any PCB vendor

PCB Solutions won its first printed circuit board order against a world class competitor and still beat them on price, lead time and delivered a quality product with an issue free inspection report.  In addition, the PCBs were carefully reviewed by the internal engineering staff and more specifically a Design for Manufacturing engineer.

These PCBs were unique in the way they were to be manufactured because of requirements by the engineering team to leave usual manufacturing changes un-changed. The boards, generally, however, were a very common specification for our team. General specs were:

  • 8 layer PCB
  • TG170 material
  • OSP surface finish
  • .093” thickness
  • 2oz finished copper
  • .15mm trace and space
  • Class 2 production

While this seemed like an ordinary PCB, there were things about the board that needed extra review and attention at the factory level. Our factory’s engineers are thorough and equipped to handle the toughest projects on the market that are moving through production fabrication.

We welcome any type of PCB order or quote.   PCB Solutions has aligned itself to be a world class distributor adding value to all levels of OEM and EMS customers.

James Brown



James Brown is the V.P. of Sales and Marketing at PCB Solutions