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Reno, Nevada based supplier of rigid, flex and rigid flex printed circuits announces the latest addition of services to their portfolio: printed circuit board inventory management and stocking

Effective in December 2013, PCB Solutions is pleased to announce offering enhancements to their stocking program.  PCB Solutions is now offering a complete stocking program that enables customers to take advantage of volume pricing but assists them with cash flow and inventory relief.

The added program allows for a variety of customer benefiting solutions, which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Cash Flow relief through scheduled deliveries
  • Quicker response time to pull-in deliveries
  • Lower per unit pricing due to higher quantity purchasing
  • Overall lower costs for PCB Solutions and the customer due to fewer overall shipments
  • Ability to schedule deliveries based on Purchase Order demand
  • Zero increased costs for stocking inventory

In unique situations and based on volume of an order and management approval, customers are allowed to stock their inventory at their own facility and pull releases based on purchase order requirements.  This strategy will allow a customer to purchase larger quantities of product and in effect receive lower pricing and then schedule their deliveries over the course of a three month period.

This strategy will also allow a customer to have inventory readily available in the event a customer needs an increase of product for production.  The customer simply pulls from PCB Solutions stock or from the warehouse stock they have available at their own facility to meet their demands for production.

Flexibility in their supply chain will allow customers to be more aggressive with their buying options.  As a customer looks at their overall commodity purchases, they will have a stronger case for ordering larger quantities that will help reduce their overall burden at the factory level knowing there is compensation in other areas.

The benefits of this new program were emphasized by President, Greg Engstrom, “We are confident the release of this flexible stocking program will build loyalty with our customers and in turn build higher sales volumes.”  Engstrom also noted, “Our customers are already facing tight demands with cash flow and this program allows them additional flexibility.  Our stocking program adds value as a supply chain solution by providing aggressive off-shore pricing and inventory flexibility.”

PCB Solutions encourages both new and existing customers to talk with the sales department about exploring the opportunities the new stocking program will provide to their supply chain solutions.

About PCB Solutions  

PCB Solutions is a provider of custom fabricated electronics.  Flagship products are high quality printed circuit boards and flexible circuit manufacturing.  With a variety of resources, PCB Solutions provides customers with very competitive supply chain solutions, and has established domestic and off-shore relationships with several high quality fabricators.

PCB Solutions supports prototyping to high volume production and basic to complex multilayer PCBs & flexible circuitry.  In addition, PCB Solutions offers value added services including: PCB engineering & design (schematic through assembly), wire & cable assemblies, over molding, warehousing, packaging, labeling, bar coding and MRP based inventory management.