Continuing my point about the hundreds of Printed Circuit Board suppliers, manufacturers, brokers, dealers, trading companies and why you should not just take an email from one of the tons you get each week and try to declare them your suppliers.   Do you see the needle in the haystack from these posts?  To set up the example even further, I too only the emails I received over a four day period over the memorial holiday.  The number of them are staggering in just a short amount of time.

This is Anandal from Holy Awesome Enterprises Co., Ltd., a professional PCB supplier with manufacturing.

Our factory is ranked in the top of Chinese PCB manufacturers with ISO9001:2000, UL and TS16949 certified. Our products range are from 1 to 20 layers of rigid PCBs, Al PCB, FPCs and Flex-rigid PCBs, especially good at 2-10 layer mass production of rigid PCB.

We have strong management team with over 15 years of engineering experience for technical & professional support. In our plant, our completed and advanced production system will make all of our production are strictly controlled and follow TS16949 standard. So you don’t have to worry of any engineering query or quality trouble or delayed delivery time from us.

As for PCB cost, we are sure you will get the most cost-efficient with high quality and within your budget. Would like to give it a try?

Hopefully, there’re chances to create long-term cooperation with you. Looking forward to your kind reply! Thanks!

Thanks for your interest in PCB board manufacture. Do you need a PCB board price?

Main material: FR-4, Aluminum, also FPC board and we provide SMD assembly.

We also accept prototype fabrication. No MOQ, and short delivery time. We can send you a price within 24 hours.

If you need a price immediately, please use my skype: amiwhoiam. I am always online to give you the best price quickly.

And if you do not have Gerber file now, you can send me the information, and I will send you a price very quickly.


Base material:

Board thickness:

Number of Layers:

Board size:

Surface processing:

Copper thickness:

Solder mask color:

Silk-screen color:


Please allow me to introduce to you our company Plando Limited. We are a custom molder with molding capability that offers a variety of services including project feasibility analysis, design, prototyping, project management, quality inspection, value-added services, packaging and assembly. Our specialty is export tooling with multiple years of experience. We can provide you a single source solution for injection molds which include: insert, hot runner, over mold, double shot, multi-cavity, in-mold decorating and unscrewing molds. We provide component and assembly operations in the following industries: automotive, industrial, consumer, electronic, household appliance, medical, and packaging field. Whether your needs are tooling build or product procurement, we will coordinate your best options. Our focuses are customer service with effective and honest communication, lead time on schedule and defect-free products at the most cost effective way.  And we take time and effort to meet our customers’ needs.

Plando is able to quickly respond to your tooling and injection molding needs. If you have been thinking about having another source of tooling or injection molding, we would like to discuss your future objectives and how our services may be help to you. Thank you!

Best Regards,  Celine Liu

We are specialized in PCB and PCBA. High quality quick  delivery  and  competitive price. Reply the E-mail to get a quotation!  JayMing Technology \

HITEK is a PCB manufacturer, specializing in low to medium, mass volume PCBs.

We have 14 years experience in PCB Manufacturing. Specialized in 1-16 layers volume boards with the strength  of  fast  delivery.

Our commitments to our customers are:

1.  100% quality assurance(Products unqualified rate< 6.39%, Customer Complaints<1.2%,2-hour complaint feedback.)

2.  on time delivery

3.  Factory price

4. customer driven service Department

Layers   Standard of lead time(day)          Samples<1㎡


< 1㎡     >=1-<3㎡            >=3-<5㎡            >=5㎡   >= 10㎡                >=40-<100㎡

2              4              6              7              9              12           15           1

4              6              7              7              10           13           19           2

6              6              7              8              11           15           20           2

8              7              8              9              12           16           22           2

10           9              10           12           15           18           24           2

Hope this finds you well , We are a reliable PCB supplier

Our PCB Scope:

* FR4 standard PCB from 2 ~ 24 layer

* FPCB, Rigid-Flex PCB from 1 ~ 12 layer

* Metal substrates PCB (Al / Cu based PCB)

* High Tg , Halogen Free, Heavy Copper PCB

* High Frequency, Mixed Delectric PCB

* HDI PCB, Blind and buried via board, Impedance Control PCBs

* Electronic Component procurement

we would like to provide good quality ,fast delivery with competitive price to you.

Should you have any interest ,please do not hesitate to contact me


Nice day. I am Gigi  from ZCT Electronics. We specialize in multilayer PCB (1-30 layers) from prototype to mass production, including Aluminum PCB, blind buried via and HDI and heavy copper PCB.

Now we can provide fast turn service within 24 hours and 48 hours.

Following is our price for your reference:

For 2L PCB(mass production)
Standard FR4, 1.6mm thickness, 1/1 oz finished copper, HAL
Size: 100 x 100mm

For 4L PCB(mass production)
Standard FR4, 1.6mm thickness, 1/1 oz finished copper, HAL
Size: 100 x 100mm

For 6L PCB (mass prodution)
Standard FR4, 1.6mm thickness, 1/1 oz finished copper, HAL
Size: 100 x 100mm

And especially, we support high-mix multi layer PCB to reduce your cost. For normal technics, two or three designs in one panel without extra cost.
Please do not hesitate to send us inquiry for your PCB needs, we always support you with cost-saving solutions.
Look forward to your valuable comments shortly. We are certificated  ISO90001, UL Safety, Rohs Compliance and SGS Test.
Dear Sir/Madam,

My Name is Helen Zhu from Sheena Easton Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., a PCB manufacturer in China.

We do prototypes, small quantity order, and mass production pcb in low price, good quality and sharp delivery time.

For letting you have a direct image, and to make the easy decision, we are setting up the most attractive prices for you:

Prototype order (≤0.2m2)’s Special Packaging Offer:


Packaging Price

Lead Time














–   The packaging price is quoted based on: FR-4 Tg≤135 material; 1.0-1.6mm thickness; H-1oz copper; PTH≥0.3mm; 5/5mil; LF HASL; IPC class II;

–    Does not cover the freight cost and international bank transferring cost. 

To: PCB Solutions LLC (USA,

Good day,

I am glad to contact you on behalf of JaromPro TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., which is a professional PCB (PCBA) manufacturer in Taiwan. We can provide customers wide range of OEM/ODM service from making the spare parts, semi-products to completed finish products. In order to achieve manufacturing excellence, we have effective quality control and technical support programs in place and the quality system is regularly reviewed by management. To ensure high quality standard, we have a complete quality control system and our products are approved by ISO9000, UL, and TS16949.

With 18 years of experiences in this field, we have enjoyed the reputation for our good qualities and prompt service; furthermore, we are sure to offer you the most high stand of qualities.Our leading technologies, superior quality, competitive prices and excellent service can meet the market trend and customers’ expectations. We have done OEM/ODM srvices for renowned companies, such as: Emerson, Panasonic, Sony Ericsson, Powerwave, IBM, VentureCurrent Markets: USA, Canada, Southern- East Asia, Taiwan, Europe, Mid-East

Dear Sir or Madam:,

I am very glad to know you from internet .

This is John from FASTER THAN LIGHTENING PCB TECH. AND we have mastered HDI and 50-layer PCB production technologies and has rich production experience in  HI-thick PCB, Thick-Copper PCB, Mixed lamination PCB, High Frequency PCB, Inserted Components PCB, Metal Base PCB (Al/Cu/Fe), Buried Copper PCB, Rigid-Flexible PCB and  Impedance Control PCB. The aspectratio is up to 16:1, Maximum Thickness 7.0mm, Maximum Copper Thickness 20 OZ, Minimum Mechanical Drill Hole 0.15mm, Minimum Laser Drill Hole 4mil and Minimum line width/distance 2.5/2.5 mil.

For more information, pls contact us or visit our web. Hope we can get this chance to work with you !

I am Randolph Zhou, hope you will remember me. I am a Sales Supervisor in Fully Gold International Holdings Limited,

Long time not hear some news from you, here is my best wishes. I know we have been cooperation for a period of time, but because some problem we out of touch, now I want to get in touch with you.

If have any problem about PCB, you can send it to me, I will 24 hour standby,  I will give the best service to you!!  please believe me, I can do it !!

And I want to tell you something of our company, in order to save the cost of customer, we will have some change in the near future.

such as the cost will relax a little bit. but the quality only would be better, the lead time will same as ever, and the service is most importment, all of we company will do better then ever before.

So I will sincerely service for my guest. hope you can give more opportunity to both sides.

hope we have cooperation in the near future. Randolph Zhou (Sales Supervisor).

Hi James,

As a professional printed circuit board manufacturer, we export PCB with stable quality and aggressive price,  please contact me if you need it, thanks.

Best Regards 2013-05-28

Dear sir or madam,

How are you! I guess you are too busy to give me any reply since i have sent you so many e-mails. I’m not going to trouble you by e-mails. Just embrace the hope that we have a chance to cooperate. We are a qualified pcb supplier. Sincerely hope can get any news from you. On the other hand,if i get the wrong target,please be kind to let me know . Looking forward to your reply.

Have a lovely day and enjoy a nice weekend.

Thanks & Best regards


Per my visiting to your company’s homepage, I have known that you would in the need of PCB products.

We, wepretend to be the factory., Ltd, supply kinds of  PCBs ( 1-20 layers printed circuit boards ), which widely used  in medical, telecom, LED and Motor industries etc. Our main market is Europe,U SA and Middle East. The good feed back have received from them.

Our advantage include have passed ISO 9001,TS16949, UL, perfect after-sale service, stable quality level with competitive price, on time delivery, prompt response, No MOQs, flexible payment term etc.

Please kindly feel free to contact me for more.And your email will be removed if you are not interested ever.

Gotta through in a good tool maker…

Have a good day!

My name is Peter from Super Duper Tooling Ltd as a sales & engineering manager.

It is very glad to email you today! I visited your website from Google, realized that you may desire a good tooling maker, we would like to inform that SR is an optimal selection to you.

SR is a professional mold manufacturer in China and offers competitive price, good quality and on-time delivery to our global customers at all times. With extensive experience in exporting injection and die-casting moldmaking, we are capable to make any type plastic mold or die-casting mold, such as multi-cavity, precise mold, 2K mold, over-mold and any others customized.

Ensuring a good quality with our molds, we have a very stringent and mature QC management internally, each of step with mold fabricating would result in a QC checking or measurement.

At this moment, we possess 12 set of CNCs, 6 set of Sodick precise wire-cut machines, 6 set of mirror precise EDMs. We can do the mold with tolerance of 0.002MM and 0.005MM for the plastic part molded.
The maximum mold is up to 2000MMXb 1500MMX 1000MM, the main industries are ranging from Automotive, IT, Household, Medical, communications and so on. If you are in leisure please visit our website at–

Holding the discussed delivery with our customer, we always work overtime during weekends for urgent projects to catch the time.
Keeping track with mold building stage, we would submit the Weekly Progress Report to our customers with updated pictures, it looks like that our customer is just on-site watching, even they are thousand of miles away from SR.

Thanks you very much for your attention and warmly welcome to visit our company ! We are really expecting to offer to you, please kindly contact with us at any time if you have projects that plan a quote.

This one is a classic:

Dear ,.
I think maybe you found that:

It’s very hard to find a PCB supplier who can make very complicated, high quality  pcb with very competitive price, right ?


Choose I Beeseachutouseus. I’m sure you will not be disappointed after chose us.

Frankly speaking, what I want is  have long cooperation with you and become to be your important PCB supplier in the future.

I don’t want to say how good are Beeseachutouseus, I know you will know it after we get in touch. So answer this email and let’s get in touch first.

PS, Pls introduce us to your purchase dep and your friend after got my mail. I think my email will be very important to them.

Note that he expects me to reply to him because of how many times he has reached out to me…

This is the fifth  time (maybe more) I write to you, I am not mean to disturb you, but just hoping to deepen your impression of our company, we sincerely want to cooperate with you. Please allow me make a brief statements about our company once again .  At first , This is Miss Fanny , We are  PCB (Printed circuit boards) producer  for Europe market over 8 years experience.  products: Rigid PCBs , Aluminum base PCBs , Flexible PCBs Flex.-Rigid PCBs and FR4 Spacer etc .we goal for clients : Gain Time!  Reduce Costs!  Increase Efficiency!  Raise Profitability!  ……

If any product meet your demand, please contact us. We are sure any your question will get our prompt reply.This is Ryan from TEEit up electronics co., ltd We supply whole kit of PCBA services-Electronic Schematic Design,PCB layout, parts purchasing ,SMT and DIP soldering, boards testing and packaging for electronic boards. If you have any project ,we could supply our best price for your reference. More information by visiting our website

Thanks again for your support and looking forward to cooperation  with you!

Rita Seems like such a happy sales person

I am Rita from a professional Chinese PCB supplier! I love the excess exclamation points!!!

Please excuse me for interrupting you without your permission.. I suppose you are always looking for an excellent PCB source, so I am writing to recommend our company to you! Our company was founded in 1999, it has rapidly grown up as one of the PCB manufacturer leader in China

We can produce rigid PCB up to 32 layers and flex PCB up to 8 layers with lower price and excellent quality, also on time delivery! Please refer toFuntime Circuits for more information about our company.

We have two professional PCB facilities and employing over 2000 staffs. The old one is located in Shenzhen, the new one was set up in 2008. We has been UL registered, our UL file No. is E232323.

And we are  ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificated, all our products are produced complying with IPC standard. We sincerely hope to establish long business relationship with you in the coming days! Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our business! Your quick reply would be appreciated! Thank you!

My name is Tina and I have contacted you on behalf of TOP PCB Limited, an ISO9001: 2008 Certified Company.

Established in 1999, TOPGUN PCB Limited has provided a reliable source for Printed Circuit Boards to customers throughout the world. Please review the information below and advise how we may provide excellent service.

 1. Products range-single,double side, multi-layer PCB,flexible PCB and MCPCB.

2. Our factory produce 300,000 pcs per month.

3. We already have the certificate ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004 and ROHS compliant

4. We specialize in the manufacturer of rigid-flexible PCB, impedance control PCB,laser hole,,aluminium PCB,Ceramic PCB, PCBA

5  Our highly reliable German manufacturing equipment provides the customer advantages such as speedy delivery, competitive pricing and an overall high rate of customer satisfaction.

6. If you are looking for custom parts, TOP PCB Unlimited offers in as little as 24hours turn-around time. We sincerely look forward to your response and the opportunity to support your efforts.

As you can see, there is no shortage of suppliers out there. This was a mere 3 days of emails and there is just no end to them. How can you tell who is the factory? Who is good and has the quality your product desires? Where is the ability to ensure you will have the support needed when things get in a bind?

End the search now and work with PCB Solutions.  We know the ropes, we know the industry, we know your product.