In Tuesday’s post I noted that there was nothing too sexy about packaging; well that holds twice as true for labeling and probably even less sexy that packaging…if that is possible.  However, there are SEVERAL of our customers who are really enjoying the value added service we provide through simple labeling details.  Many circuit board solutions suppliers you see coming out of China have gross errors and mistakes galore.  At PCB Solutions, we have refined that process over the course of 13 years and made a product that arrives at our customer’s dock in order.  It is a rare occurrence that we have a purchasing manager call us up and request that we clarify a pack slip or invoice against packaging on the box because the three don’t match for some reason.  We have had customers who point out to us that they love our system and that we USUALLY get it right – because they are never calling about it!  It goes without saying that our system of labeling is not something that has reinvented the when but we go above what other companies might do in order to make sure our customer’s product arrives correctly and is easy to receive.

Below are a few pictures of examples:

This picture is a look at the outside of a box we have set up for a consistent repeating customer who buys a variety of products and usually finished assembly goods.  Inside are wire harnesses that are used in security systems that we build the PCB, the wire harness –then add the connectors and assembly its entirety.  The boxes include the following:

  1. Our address
  2. The customer’s address
  3. The quantity contained inside
  4. The customer’s assembly number
  5. The customer’s PO number
  6. Secondary part number
  7. Buyer’s name
  8. Customer’s address



Yes! Of course it is pure genius that we can do all of this – well with the help of technology and a really bright shipping department.  They just do good work and do it well all the time.  We will often catch any mistakes that come in from the factory and make sure product goes out the door correctly saving 2-3 days of transit before we are asking the factory to send any missing quantities. Often times we have caught the missing quantities before they are delivered to the customer.

In today’s business, margins and profit are tight – you just can’t leave room for errors  that can easily be removed. PCB Solutions is trying to do all it can to make sure companies do not need to worry about the small things from their printed circuit board supplier. We make doing business with us easy and affordable. Not only are you getting great pricing but you are also getting quality printed wiring boards that will stand the test of time in your products and not have failures. Failures in the field are a near untraceable cost that is painful to your company’s bottom line.  It also goes to show that with your stocking, packaging, labeling, and logistics, those costs are untraceable as well when a supplier short ships your order or sends someone else’s product to you – or sends you the wrong quantity of flex circuits.  It just isn’t a good idea to have a supplier in your supply chain who can’t even label their product correctly so your receiving team can’t receive the product with ease.

A quick shout out to our documentation as well – in that we make pack slips and invoices easily available for the receiving team to access.  As any good purchasing agent knows, their time is wasted when a receiving team off-loads a pile of questions about product that just came in the door.  Just think how much more you would love your job if you didn’t have to hear from receiving?!

Give PCB Solutions a call. We want to show your team how we can consistently provide top quality, on-time delivery, and incredible quality printed circuit boards to your business so that you can focus on profits – not wasted time on cost that you can’t trace in lost production time.

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