So let’s talk a little bar coding. Yes -the absolutely most uninteresting conversation you will have today at lunch.  However, this value added service offered by PCB Solutions can, like our other services, save you a lot of time when receiving and in the end provide help with improving your bottom line.  Very seldom do companies ever keep track of their time wasted or spent receiving product and that is a shame because there is efficiency to be had in the receiving department.  Let me explain…

PCB Solutions did not invent bar coding boxes for printed circuit boards but we certainly leverage the technology to make it work for our customers.  How many PCB companies do you know who are willing to produce bar coded labels for their customers if requested at no additional charge? We currently do this work for a few of our customers who requested this as a mandatory feature for the delivery of their printed wiring boards – so we refined the process and made it applicable to any of our customers who need the service added their product.

Like any good printed circuit board supplier, we are always trying to improve the user experience.   The user experience in this case is amplified by a simple click and beep as our product is received and entered into a system if the quickest of ease.  Instantly from our bar code labeling can the following be populated in to a manufacturing company’s MRP System:

  1. Company Name
  2. Supplier Name
  3. Company PO
  4. Company Purchasing Agent
  5. Quantity of PCBs
  6. Company PCB Quantity
  7. Secondary Company Information

Never should you have to manually enter the data into your system if your team has the ability to receive with a bar code label. This can be done for any of our product including, but not limited to, Flex and Rigid Flex PCBs, wire harnesses, complete assemblies, machined parts, etc.  Let bar coding of your PCBs be an option that helps your receiving team to always have a good experience with the suppliers you buy from.  Never again will they see fit to call and complain to you because quantities are off compared to what is in the MRP because they have received the product shipped correctly and the bar code proves it.

PCB Solutions is always pleased to make sure your experience with our team is easy and pain free…and much more efficient when it comes to your custom fabricated electronics supply chain.