PCB Solutions, world renounced supplier of printed circuit boards, has one other arrow in our quiver in the old manufacturing staple of cable assemblies.  Our team has been aligned with a very reputable supplier based in China for over 5 years.  Our supplier for this area specializes solely on the interconnect industry and with the targeted focus gives us the industry expertise, resources and innovative technology to meet the growing needs of customers. We focus on, of course, cable assemblies, wire harnesses and all types of connectors from various types of suppliers.

Here us a brief list of products we can supply with all their variations:

Simple wire harnesses, scart cable, high power wire harness, RCA cable, USB cable, HDMI cable, F connector cable, BNC cable, TV cable, RF cable (SMB), SATA Cable, SATA to external cable, cigarette plug cable, network cable, D-sub cable, complex wire harness, special molding, smart textile cable, battery snap, coaxial cable, FFC cable, USB 3.0 cable, water proof cable, Samsung charger cable, retailer cable set, power cord, AC Power, medical cable, Apple licence cable, terminal block wire harness, adapter, battery cable, DC cable, DIN cable, flat cable, LVDS cable…

Supplier is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 14001:2004, registered through one of the top ISO registrars, SGS.  We also have IPC Trainers on staff who are highly skilled at their craft of interconnect assembly.  Our partner is also UL Registered and receives awards from local business leaders for practicing good business standards.

In addition to have a lot of capability with a whole lot of connectors and wire assemblies, we have the engineering services and resources to produce final production drawings for you team to review.

Here are a few of the things we can do:

1. Crimping Connectors (wire to board / wire to wire / board in)
2. IDC/IDT Connectors (cable to board)
3. Pin / Female header Connectors (board to board)
4. Box header Connectors (board to cable / wire)
5. Shrouded header with ejector Connectors (board to cable / wire)
6. Molex / TE /Amphenol / Samtec / Dupont / Lumberg  / JST / JAE / Hirose / Yeonho Alternatives Solutions
7. Discrete Wiring Harnesses
8. Custom IDC Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Here is an example of a project we are currently working on for an existing customer:

Wire Harness and Connector Example - Engineering Specifications Wire Harness and Connector Example - Engineering Specifications II

Wire Harness and Connector Example

As you can see, these  final production engineering drawings will confirm with your engineering team we have made your project exactly to your specs and therefore produce a high quality product that are spot on with what you are expecting in a wire harness and cable assembly…



Cable Connectors for All Types of Wire Harnesses