PCB Solutions fabricates a full spectrum of custom fabricated electronics and connectivity products. Products we manufacture range from simple and complex rigid circuit boards to simple and complex flex and rigid flex printed circuit boards. We also produce a host of connectivity products like wire harnesses, connectors, raw cables and cable assemblies.

In this blog post we highlight a very unique flex circuit we have produced for over 5 years now. The customer came to us with concerns about a current supplier that were not making the PCB to their specifications and were having issues with overall quality. With the help of our in-house Design For Manufacturing engineer, we were able to work with the production engineer to create a process that provided a smooth, consistent high quality product over and over.


Single Layer Flex Printed Circuit Board

Layer Count: One

PCB Type: Flex

Material: Taliflex Polyimide

Stiffener: Yes

Coverlay:  .002” PI bottom side

Adhesive: Yes

Surface Finish: ENIG

Overall Thickness: .13mm

Finished Copper Weight: 1oz

Impedance Control: No

Legend: None

RoHS Compliant: Yes

Typical Order Quantity: 1000-5000

Typical Lead Time: 14 working days


If you have a new flex design or an old flex design you are having troubles with, please reach out to our team. We are confident we have the ability to produce a high quality product consistently.