The Challenge

Tesla’s engineering team reached out to PCB Solutions in the spring of 2019. One of their lead engineers requested a PCB FAB build of 3 pcs on a 2-day turn for five of their internal testing PCBs. They also asked if our team could do Printed Circuit Board Assemblies to which we confirmed a positive, yes.

The Approach

Our team went to work and priced out the opportunity within an hour. We successfully quoted four 4-layer PCBs and one 10-layer PCB with 4/4 trace and space with mixed copper. The lead engineer liked the work so well, he sent additional projects for PCB fabrication and assembly.

The Results

With pricing approved, our team quickly set up their account and executed on the order successfully which has led to multiple projects since engagement. So far PCB Solutions has completed multiple PCB Fabs, Printed Circuit Assemblies and Engineering support projects. Most of these projects have very tight turn times and tough deadlines that take special handling by the team that is very accustomed to detail.